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There Is No Such Thing As Natural Beauty

I am back from the Sal-on and I discussed the gray sitcheeashun with my stylist. She thinks my hair would be good to let it go, alas, I did have her go ahead and color it. The reason being is that she said she could put some sort of non permanent type of rinse on it to even it out as it grows out. We’re not going to do it right now because I spend summertimes by the pool, in the sun and the sun would fade the non permanent really quickly SO, come fall, we might be taking the gray plunge.

I heard a couple interesting stories whilst I spent two hours getting my coif done.

My stylist just got married a few weeks back and I asked her if there was anything wild and crazy that went on that might secure her a spot on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” She said nothing too wild went on, EXCEPT for the fact she had to fire the preacher a couple days before and scramble to find another one. Seems the originally shedyooled preacher man had something come up and he said he’d be able to be there, however, he might be 15-20 minutes late. He said the people wouldn’t mind waiting a few minutes? Hello? Miraculously, she found her another preacher. That struck me as really funny. I’ve never heard of anybody having to fire the preacher.

They got the preacher thing settled and then the Maid of Honor also got fired. Her MOH, friend of more than a decade got drunk and tried to get the GROOM to spend his last night of bachelorhood with her in her hotel room and it wasn’t to discuss who would keep charge of the weddin’ rangs.

Then, I heard another customer telling how when her cat died, she had to take two weeks off work for bereavement. Two weeks????? Hear me….I have three dogs and two cats. Ok, so the cats aren’t on the top of my Love List (but they adore me and won’t leave me alone…go figya) and I have a 15 year old dog who has long been in her twilight, that I love dearly and will miss when her time comes but TWO WEEKS OFF WORK???

I must say, the ‘do looks quite good. Wish I could make it look like this everyday.

5 Minutes With Wichita

After a lovely night and morning of, um, sickness, one needs to howl with laughter, which is one of my favorite pasttimes. Nothing better to howl with laughter than listening to “5 Minutes With Wichita.” I bet you didn’t think bluegrassers had a sense of humor? Oh, but, they do. Go listen to him interview Ricky Skaggs, Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminksi, and even John Paul Jones.

I’m not surprised that Wichita has become such a celebrity. I first met him many, many years ago (or rather his altar ego) before I ever was part of Mr. Smiff’s world. A group of us hung out a little there for awhile and the funny thing is, even though age has changed Wichita’s speech a little (he grew an impediment) it’s the same wacko, twisted sense of humor he had back when he had a mullet.

Middle of the Night Sick Call

One of the things I do like about having kids turn into teens is that they are able to care for their own persons. By that, I mean, I no longer have to accompany them to the bathroom or dress them or tend to those kinds of needs. I remember a time when I didn’t think that would ever happen.

Probably 10 years ago when #1 Son and Daughter were 2 and 3, I was at aerobics class and my Beautiful Dawta was bebopping around like an active 2 year old tends to do and I had to stop and take her to the potty. Another lady in the class, who then had kids the same age as mine are now apparently recognized the weariness of tending to preschoolers on my face and said in this great, Jersey accent, “Believe it or not, there WILL come a time you will not ever have to see them naked again.” That seemed like a total unreality at the time, for that was my life then, but, she was right. I don’t have to deal with things like that because praise Jesus, I’ve gotten them to the point where they can do that for themselves.

I was, however, about 30 minutes ago, wakened from a sound sleep to have one of my teens being riddled with this stomach virus that seems to be going around. My sister in law and 1 year old niece have been fighting it the last few days and apparently, even Alison Krauss has been hit with it (nice to know talented, beautiful people like them have those doses of reality as well). It is pretty brutal and well, messy.

I can’t remember the last time I had to clean up after one of the older kids throwing up and the aftermath, but, I am here to tell you, it’s a whole different ballgame to have to do so after a young person who is as tall as me than it is a preschooler. Let’s just say, I have not handled it well. Poor thing was apologizing and I was quick to tell them “No, no…don’t apologize” and try to be somewhat merciful to the poor darling. In the middle of all the yuckness of it, though, I see that, yes, my teens do still need me, even though the majority of the time, they try to act like I’m not a necessary entity in their lives….even if it is cleaning up the fallout of a stomach virus, changing sheets and using the washing machine in the middle of the night.