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Reading Josephine’s Journal

I so love to stumble across interesting blogs. This one, if you want to call it a blog, is all about life in Livingston, Tennessee, over in Overton County. Whoda thunk Livingston is/was so full of interesting people. I love reading this stuff. Makes me want to go there.

Thank you to my friend Jerald in East Tennessee for turning me onto this site.

Bible Skoo and Cookies

I”ve blogged an awful lot about music the last week, so I’ll take a break from that and tell ya’ll something that made me laugh and made me shake my head. I hope my girls at White Trash Mom are listening because they will LOVE this.

It’s Bible Skoo (school) week in Hendersonville. The church I used to go to (it’s big, Baptist, in Hendersonville and is next door to Trinity City USA-formerly Twitty City, you figure it out) has great Bible Skoos. They go all out. They’re huge and they do a great job hosting a couple thousand kids every June.

This years theme is the Arctic Edge. #2 says every year the current theme is the best one ever. He’s having a big time. I think he’s gotten more out of the whole thing than cookies and juice. The other day he said he wanted to look up Joshua 1:9 in the Bible to see what it says. It’s the theme verse and it’s printed on his nifty, Bible Skoo tshirt:

“Haven’t I commanded you to be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Good verse to know.

Speaking of cookies and juice, I was told something this morning about the Bible Skoo and the people running the thing. It reminded me why I left there sos I could worship with people more interested in the Lord than being the Muffia Godmother. I’m sure those Muffia gals there are deep down, decent, good people and ya know, they’ll speak to you and smile but they’d never, ever stoop so low as to have a conversation with me, let alone get to know me. I mean, I drive a 1998 Mercury Villager for the love of John the Baptist….it’s very clear at that church who fits into their social register and who doesn’t. But about those cookies…

Co worker Bonnie and her inlaws all attend this church and in her ma in law’s Sunday School class, they had asked them to sign up for what refreshments, drinks and cookies they would bring. They specified that they wanted people to bring NAME BRAND cookies. WHAT?!?!?!?!? Like the kids give a rip if they have Hydrox or Nabisco????? Get outta here. That is so typical Muffia. They’re concerned with whether or not they have cookies of the generic variety.

Her mother in law scratched her name off the list. Just for the principle of it. Yea Bonnie’s mother in law!!!

My own mother in law picked #2 up from Bible Skoo yesterday and remarked how all the women up there drive big, SUV’s and have lots of “attitude” with them. Heh.

I’m glad I’m fairly mature in my faith and know that it’s God I worship and not His muffia Bible Skoo leaders and that I’ve never allowed that to stand in my way of growing in my faith and in my walk. It makes me mad to see people who get so put out with church people and they don’t go back, but, I can see why they do. Ghandi himself said the reason he did’nt become a Christian was not the theology, but, rather the way Christians treat each other. That right there is the truth….and it’s very sad.