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Can Cows Drive?

Sarcastro provided me with my second best laugh of the day by simply implying Kay West made a noise.

My best laugh of today was about 30 minutes ago. I had to drive to Gallatin, all the way out Douglas Bend Rd. to fetch #1 Son who had attended a birthday soiree. Incidentally, the houses way out Douglas Bend, along Old Hickory Lake would make the Brentwood/Franklin people plumb jealous. Talk about gorgeous…I could get used to having an unobstructed view of the water out my back door. This house is directly across the street from the old Barbara Mandrell estate….but back to laughing….

We stopped at the Foxland Market and right next to it is a pasture full of cows. A few of them were right up at the fence, next to the store. They were dining on grass and other greenery and #2 Son was crying about something (can’t even remember what it was now) and I was saying “Look at the cows!” trying to get him to hush. As I stopped the car to get a closer look, one of the cows stopped eating and looked up at us as if to say “Howdy folks!” So, I did what all intelligent people do…I waved and said “Hi There Cow.” Beautiful Dawta then rolled her window down and hollered “Moooooooooooo.”

Just like that Garry Shandling routine where he asks why people, when they drive past a pasture of cows, roll down the window and holler “Moo”…as if the cows are going to say “Hey….there’s a cow driving that car. How can they afford that?” We got to laughing about the Shandling routine and how we had just done exactly what he said people do and I laughed so hard, I thought I was going to wet my pants. Then #1 did what all 14 year old boys do…he said “I’ll stop you from laughing” and he cut one. #2 continued his crying and #1 inquired why the heck he was crying and I said “He knows from experience that your farts are worthy of tears.”

Just a retard Smiff Moment. There’s a cow driving that car….heh.

What Age Difference?

I love the internet. The things you can find, by mistake, are my favorite things about the world wide web.

I found this picture of my husband, taken in 1974, when he 14 years old. I have seen other shots taken at this same time, but, never this particular one. The photo was taken by Les Leverett, who was the longtime, official Grand Ole Opry photographer. Les is one of the nicer people I know.

In the photo with the teenaged Mr. Smiff are Alan O’Bryant, later of the Nashville Bluegrass Band and composer of “Those Memories Of You”….the Smiffs and O’Bryant’s are kin. Mr. Smiff’s Grandma Smiff and Alan’s grandad were brother and sister. Mike Hartgrove is the one with the fiddle and my brother in law is the one in the JJ Evans, “Dynomite” hat.

The only time me and Mr. Smiff’s age difference is ever mentioned is when stuff like this comes up and we discuss what we were doing in 1974. Mr. Smiff was playing music in clubs til all hours and I was 5 years old, still playing with my Fisher Price Little People and counting along with Sesame Street.

ADD Saturday A.M Thoughts

Why in the world did I rise at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning??? What is wrong with me?

The alarm went off and I was a nice wife and fixed Mr. Smiff coffee. He has been doing the Fan Fair thing the whole week and I’ve seen him a total of about 30 minutes the whole week. They signed autographs all day yesterday and then had to go to the studio to mix the new cd. He said he got home about 3 a.m. He just left to meet the bus to go to Bean Blossom.

I also got up that ridiculously early so I could water my petunias. They seem to appreciate being watered in the morning (and Miracle Growed) as opposed to the evening. I’ve got to say, I’ve got some pretty petunias in my yard.

I watched that movie The Family Stone last night on On Demand. I was hoping that would be a great movie, being it has such a great cast. It was one of those movies that seemed to kinda Jump The Shark. Little disappointed. Glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theater. On Demand is making it up to me, though, by having a veritable Hitcockpalooza, having a number of Uncle Al’s movies on right now: Notorious, The Birds, The Trouble With Harry (love that movie. Has a little bitty Beaver Cleaver in it and Shirley McLaine in her first movie role) Rear Window (all time favorite Hitchock) Saboteur.….I love Hitchcock movies.

If you can shake a tail feather, run by and see the Knucklehead today and get you some pulled pork. If you’re of the vegetarian sort, go get you a cold drink I hope I can get out there today, if not, some of my work girls and me and Sara Clark are planning a lunch excursion this next week.