Was just wondering what I was going to enlighten the blogosphere with today until a few minutes ago…..

Mr. Smiff calls and asks about something and then goes into his, “Now this is not THAT big a deal” (I know when he says that, he’s about to throw a doozy at me and usually it involves that he might have seen a mouse in the house or one of the cats got one. I HATE mice.) He goes on to tell me that the Yard Guy, Mr. Mowtown, informed him that he had run over a 10 foot long snake in our yard. He ran over it because #2 was out kinda close to where he was playing. Mr. Smiff says he couldn’t tell what kind it was because it was so, well, cut up in many pieces, but, he could tell it was brown.

I have known snakes are in our vicinity. We live close to a creek and I did find snake skin in my garage some years ago. #1 and Mr. Smiff have seen little grass snakes in the front. I’m aware of the possibility, subconsciously, everytime I go out to the messy garage to get laundry and that’s what freaks me out the most is running into one out there. I also have heard snakes tend to have pals that they run with. I really don’t care nothing about running into the Snake Pal as I’m about to do Whites, thanyavurymuch. Mr. Smiff insists our backyard is safe because of the three dogs. I don’t know that I believe him or not. I should because he is the Country Boy in this family, compared to my Brentwood raisin’. His Granny was never afraid of snakes and would practically kill them with her bare hands.

They have snakes in Brentwood, too. My parents lived in our house over 20 years before they ever encountered one and my poor, snake-phobic mother and un-outdoorsy father dealt with a water moccassin and then a couple days later, his buddy.

Remember Tom T. Hall’s song about Sneaky Snake?!?!?! Well, I DON’T like old Sneaky Snake.

Well, then, I have a good excuse not to do laundry today!