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Not That I’m Anxious For Him To Come Home Or Nothing…

Curious…Mr. Smiff’s plane was scheduled to leave Ontario, California at 8:40 this morning. I checked it this morning and it said the flight was delayed. It took off ten minutes late, according to Southwest’s website. I checked it a couple hours into it and the website said the flight would be early, about ten minutes. I just checked it again and it now says it’s scheduled to land ontime at the original time.

Is it because of clearance…how busy the gate it is? Drunk pilot?

Out of the Box

The house was extremely quiet yesterday and this morning. #2 went home with Grandma after lunch yesterday and stayed on to spend the night because Mr. Smiff is flying back from California as we speak and I had to be at work early this morning.

I can’t tell you how eerily, oddly quiet it is without #2 around. Anytime, any of my Trio is missing, the whole rythym and noise level is a lot lower, but, when #2 isn’t there, it’s even much more so. It’s not because he is so difficult, or misbehaves or is bad or anything like that. He has such a spirited presence and he can be quite loud but the house without the #2 Vibe is just so strange.

#2 is clinically ADHD. I was not surprised to find this out in February 2005 when he got his official diagnosis. I was not surprised when Dr. Couch gave me the list of symptoms of ADHD that said “If your child has some of these” and I counted twenty-something symptoms and #2…well, he has nearly every single one.

I knew when the second day he was in Kindergarten and he disappeared from the cafeteria during lunch and his teacher found him out in the hallway, cutting a rug, that we might have a little problem. (When I asked him why he left the cafeteria, he said ” I HAD to dance!”)

I knew #2 was going to have to learn to work around this when his Kindergarten teacher, exasperated, suggested we send him back to preschool. Apparently, even though she had taught 27 years (as she loved to brag) she had never had an out of the box kinda kid like #2. Luckily, we did not take her advice and his good humor, attitude and Buddy the Elf-ness of him made the Kindergarten teacher, 1st grade teacher and 2nd grade teacher fall completely in love with him.

In spite of the love, he does sometimes have to have an aide sit with him to help keep him on task. Every year, I pray that the next teacher will “get” him and be patient with him. Academically, he does very well and I hope some of his symptoms will ease as he approaches middle school age, but, I realize (like so many of his relatives before him, including his mother) some of it, he will have to learn to work around and in spite of.

His attitude is so good (usually, he does have his moments) that Christmas before last…we’re putting the Christmas tree up. The other two kids are a little less consistent with happy, sunny attitudes and with the Smiff’s, we tend to have an argument regardless of what we’re doing. We’re having a little tiff as to what ornament goes where and me and the other two are going back and forth, verbally to the point Mr. Smiff had to intervene and smack dab in the middle of it all, #2 shouts, in best Buddy the Elf voice, “This is gonna be the BEST Christmas EVER!” And he was being 100% serious!!!!!

All that to say that when #2 isn’t around it’s a void. He is one of the funniest, happiest people I know. He is about to be 8 years old but still likes to sit on my lap, still has to check out every restroom in every restaurant we go to (umpteen times a visit), still has trouble tying his shoe and I still spend a lot of grocery store time trying to find him.

While I did enjoy taking a Sunday afternoon nap without #2 jumping on the bed, asking me to scratch his back and put it on On Demand so he could watch Johnny Brave or the Flintstones with me (amazing to me he enjoys watching that with me. Go figya) it just isn’t the same when #2’s not there. Posted by Picasa