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I Got New Graphics….I Got New Graphics!

Want a lick? PSYCHE! (Think Eddie Murphy)….thanks to the fabulous Miss Zoot. Now I have to get that Glamour Shot out for my new picksha.

Ya dig?

Praise the Lord and Pass the Underwear

Say what you will about us Southern Baptists….chide me because there are a few in my denomination who don’t think the women folk should hold places of leadership and there are some who have an issue with homosexuals, we don’t like abortions, and we like us some Dubya, but, one thing you CAN’T hold us liable for is that we don’t make our peoples wear special underdrawers, as Jeremy at Welcome To My World is showing on his blog. (Another one I’ve never seen til just now).

Are You There God, It’s Me, Sista

I normally don’t get so personal on here, but, I just had a 7th grade moment.

Co-worker Bonnie (one of the three 20-somethings I work with) informed me I had a spot on my pants. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is horrible. These moments are meant for middle school not late 30’s. I should be past this. I don’t even have a jacket to wrap around my waist, plus, even if I did, how obvious would it be, in 90 degree heat, to be wearing a jacket?!?!

And of course, after this discovery was made, I back up against a wall and we girls had one of our girly conversations about female stuff (they like to get me going on birthin’ babies, since that is one thing I AM an expert on) and I’m waiting for the proper moment to run back to my office and OF COURSE….every man on the floor walks by. It’s like they have a sixth sense about the women on the floor having a personal iss-yoo and they come out in droves.

I was going to walk downstairs to take something to be processed somewhere, but, not now. I know if I do…..I am SURE to run into another Gentleman Formerly Known as My Boss (not the one who comes here regularly) and he notices everything and would surely notice my female iss-yoo and would make a comment about it. I’d run into him and there’s about 3 or 4 other guys I know here who would take great delight in my plight and in pointing out to me.

Nah…this job’ll have to wait. I want a hysterectomy, NOW!

She’s On The Case

Arybody was yappin’ about the upcoming Kidman/Urban nupshals yesterday. As usual, my mother in law had the story, first, a week ago.