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More ADD Fun

I wrote about my son’s ADHD the other day and for the heckuvit, I took me an Adult ADD test. I do realize this is not a diagnostic tool. It says if you have an answer higher than 2 on 20 or more of the questions is an indication of a “strong tendency toward ADD.” Ok…so what if you have 30??!?!?!??!

My sister is always telling me I oughta get on some sort of medication. I get so intimidated by doctors and medical people and tend to get all stuttery and retard sounding when trying to explain something to them. I’m afraid they’ll think I’m a junkie wanting some stuff. Do I invite him to spend a couple days with me and then maybe he’ll get why I think I might be an adult with ADD?

Sista Sista Fo Fista Banana Nana Fo Fana

I was just talking to my girlfran Chris and I asked her what her middle name was. Prima donna that she is, her middle name is Lynn. I told her that when I was a kid, I always wanted my middle name to be Lynn or Marie (as in Osmond). I hated my middle name back then. I was the only kid at Lipscomb School with a ridiculous middle name like “Rose.” That was a Granny name. In fact, my “Rose” was a derivative of my maternal grandmother, Rosena. I often dreamt of changing the Rose to Marie when I was 18. I learned to like it, though, and passed the middle name on to my own daughter. Rose has since become a hip middle name for little girls. Lots of Hollywood types like it.

Growing up in the 70’s, tons of Jennifers, Christy’s, Michelle’s, Amy’s, Tracy’s, etc. dotted the landscape. No, I didn’t have a trendy name. My name evokes images of somebody maybe being one of Gidget’s best friends, or Patty Duke’s. It was a popular name during the Baby Boom era and for whatever reasons, my parents felt it necessary to adorn me with the name “Sharon.” My oldest cousin on Dad’s side is Sharon and that’s where they got it from. It’s not bad. It could be worse. It’s just null and void of character. Lots of my classmates had friggin’ MOMS named Sharon.

There aren’t lots of songs screaming my name. I’ve always claimed “My Sharona” and recently, I uncovered a song that Bobby Darin cut way back called “I Ain’t Sharin’ Sharon.” It sounds like what Patty Duke was probably shagging to on the opening credits of her tv show.

When I was about 2 or 3, my parents realized what they had done in naming me “Sharon Rose.” I have the same name as Jesus, cept reversed. I always giggled in church when a hymn or something would reference the “Rose of Sharon.” Heh. That’s me. They didn’t do it on purpose, though. My parents aren’t the “Lets name our girls Faith, Hope and Charity” kinda folks. They did get slightly cheesy and give both us girls names that started with “S.” I can’t say nothing bout that cause all my kids names start with the same letter. That was not on purpose either. It just kinda ended up that way. In fact, they’re all T’s and I’m the oddball. When I call for one, I end up saying everybody else’s name before I get to them. Mr. Smiff was the one who felt it necessary to continue the T tradition when #2 Son came along. I’m just glad #2 was a boy because there aren’t a plethora of T names I like for girls.

Totally random, off subject but this guy that works here where I work just now asked me about the Mothership, had I been there, was it good, etc. Apparently, Wade is a blog reader and is a fan of Knuck’s. “You know how I found him? He has a blog.” Heh, yeah, I know.