I told y’all that I am the official photographer for our Bible School/Sports Camp at church this week. I have had the BEST time getting to walk around being the “Picture Lady” and have gotten some fantastic shots of all the goings on.

I took 250 pictures worth the last three nights, catching some great moments with all the chilluns learning football, softball, volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, chess and checkers (this team rocks!). I even took a great shot of Sunday evening’s amazing sunset and couldn’t have asked for a better shot of the sun going down beside the three crosses that adorn the top of the church….Coaches Relays, which have been some great and memorable moments…just capturing everything that’s been going on. You know, those priceless moments you can never pose? The Children’s Minister was saying how great it was I was doing this because whoever had the Photo Gig last year took maybe 10 pictures the whole week.

I was envisioning the grand Power Point presentation they will present the last night to show the parents and to run on Sunday for the congregation……..then………I thought I should try to get the date off the pictures, which was wrong.

“Oh…this is the ‘Format’ button. Maybe this will be the right button to hit (remember, I’m still a Film Camera Gal). I’ll hit this and remove the date from all these photographs that would make Sugarfused jealous.” (Not really)


Deleted…..every. Single. One. Of the 250 photographs. That I have spent the last three nights taking.

Nauseated doesn’t quite describe how I feel at this moment. What an idiot.