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Afternoon Delight

Lunching with Busy Mom and CeeELCee, Rod Stewart, plus a guest appearance by Wonder Dawg and Mrs. Wonder Dawg, made for a most enjoyable lunchtime. Everytime I’ve been to the Mothership, it’s been good eatin’, but, today, it was extry good. That Dr. Funkenswine has a good scald on that barbecue, now. I partook in the ribs for the first time today and dang….make you want to slap yo mama.

Something extra, Dr. F didn’t even charge me for was the baptism by Diet Coke. My little take home souvenir.

I think Dr. Funkenswine needs him a little, midget straight man and his name should be Q-ferd. Kinda like Buford. That was random, wasn’t it?

Your First?

I was just telling my oh-so-young co-worker gals, Bonnie and Andrea about a song that Neil Young did on his “Everybody’s Rockin” cd of long ago called “Kinda Fond’a Wanda” and I relayed the lyrics.

Well, I went with Peggy Sue, tried Betty Lou (or something like that)
Had a date with Donna and Barbara Ann too
But I’m kinda fonda Wanda
Cause Wanda always wanna wanna wanna…

Got me thinking….that Everybody’s Rockin’ was probably the first cd I ever owned. I got it in 1987 when cd’s were still kinda new. A couple others I got around that same time were Ricky Skaggs’ Love’s Gonna Get You, The Best of Janis Joplin and The Best of Otis Redding.

Do you remember what your first cd was? Post vinyl..mid-cassette??
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We Love Us Some Mothership

My pal, Steve, has done this most excellent video blog on the Mothership. Go see it.

Uncle Ceece, and some others are meating today round about 11:30.