Times like this, I wish I had a digital camera….

#2 came into the house a minute ago and announces “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news….the good news is, there’s two baby birds in the front yard and the bad news is, the neighbors are moving.”

I go out front and sho nuff, there are two of the cutest little blue jays sitting side by side, one facing the street and one facing the house, just sitting there. I wondered why they were sitting there and then my eye caught the street in front of us and what appeared to be their mama, dead in the street. Looks like it had been hit by a car. It was almost as if they were asking me “What do we do now?” #2 asked if we could feed them and I told him no, we can’t interfere with nature like that. They’re out of the nest, their mom probably already taught them how to get food and stuff.

As though they heard what I had said, they both flew off in different directions. I guess little birdies know a mama when they see one. Even if this Mama is a little taller than theirs.

Neighbors John and Debbie have lived in this neighborhood since it was built 30 years ago. In fact, they were the first occupants of the Smiff Abode. They’re in their 50’s, I guess. Weird to think when they came here, they were just a young, married couple. I have been so put to shame with their meticulous care of their yard now for 10 years. So meticulous that John takes his leaf blower up and down the street, blowing crap away from the street in front of several houses and I’ve never once looked at their yard and thought “Hmm….they need to mow that grass.” They haven’t given it time to grow, they’ve been so on top of it.

I haven’t spent time hanging out with them, sipping coffee or anything. They’ve been too busy caring for the yard to engage in such nonsense. I have talked with them a number of times, but, I don’t really know them. As weird as it sounds, even though I couldn’t tell you the first thing about their background or anything other than what time they leave for work and they didn’t want the neighbor kids anywhere near their perfectly manicured lawn, I’ll still miss them.