I hate it when I have weird dreams. Some dreams are weird and then some dreams are just weird. I had one of those really weird ones at some point before I woke up. When they’re weird like this, I feel guilty, as if I have control over it or like I’m some kinda psychic soothsayer, which I know I am not.

I ran into somebody I know the other night that I never see. Haven’t seen him in a number of years and it appeared, but, I’m not sure, that his other half was expecting. I don’t know this for sure, but, she looked somewhat in the family way. I have learned, the hard way, that it’s not always wise to ask this question and it’s better to let the person bring it up, lest I come down with Foot In Mouth Disease (which I DID have an experience with that this week that I’ll tell later)

So, I dream I’m at some sort of mall-type place. This person comes in and sees me and says “Come help me shop.” (That was weird in and of itself. Nobody will ever ask me to be a Secret Shopper) We go into this baby store and I said “Are you having a baby?” He said that yes, he was. I immediately go into my know-it-all-about-babies spiel spewing forth every ounce of wisdom I know.

I asked him if they knew if it was a boy or girl and he said “girl” and began to cry. Not boo-hoo crying, but, a little teary. I continue my endless baby babble about how sweet it is he’s emotional over having a baby, blah blah. Then he says “She has Lincoln’s Disease.” In the dream I didn’t know what it was but it sounded bad so I cried right along with him.

I Googled “Lincoln’s Disease” (where in the world did my subconscious come up with THAT one?) and best I can tell, it’s another word for Marfan Syndrome, which is apparently very rare and very unlikely that this couple’s baby would have it.

I doubt this individual reads this blog, but, if he does, I’m sorry I had a dream that your baby has a disease. If y’all aren’t ‘spectin….I’m sorry I thought she looked pregnant. She may just be like me and needs to do a little time on the treadmill and start counting them Weight Watcher points a little closer.