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The Man in Commando?


According to Stacy Harris’ column, the Man in Black didn’t wear underwear. Now there’s a mental picture I didn’t want.

Stacy’s source of information is a book by longtime Cash/Carter employee, Peggy Knight, who was unceremoniously canned not long after June died. The firing was reportedly done by John Carter Cash.

Peggy went to work for the Cashes after she had befriended Mother Maybelle Carter at a bingo hall in Madison back in the late 60’s. She cared for Maybelle and her husband, Ezra, during their final illnesses. Peggy stayed on at the Cash Place, acting as a personal assistant type of figure, traveling with them and just being around for about 30 years.

I sure hope she didn’t do Johnny’s laundering.

Ixnay on the Aby-Bay-Alk-Tay

I am a bad, mean, horrible, terrible, person. I just am.

This woman I used to work with is retiring. They are compiling a book of letters for her. I refuse to send her a letter. Why? Because she talks baby talk and thinks its cute. It ain’t.

They’re having a party for her at the end of the month. I got my invite in EARLY JUNE. I ran into her in the cafeteria not long ago and she said “Are you comin’ to my party, Shawan?”

Heh. Nope. Ain’t going.

Just Follow The Stairway………..

I am pretty good at mimicry. I don’t know where this “gift” came from, but, it’s a fun one to have (yet another gift I have that has done me absolutely NO good in life). Some of my specialties are Edith Bunker, New Yawkas, sometimes British sometimes just the people around me in real life, I’m really good at imitating.

I just discovered a new one. I’ve got this weird allergy/chest/sinus issue and it’s making me a little hoarse. Not gravely hoarse like Lauren Bacall, more like I got something standing on my chesteses.

I’ve got Sirius on, listening to Charlie Monk (aka “The Mayor of Music Row”) and he played Tammy Wynette’s “Apartment #9” a few minutes ago and I’m sangin’ along, as I do, and with my weird chest thing….dang if I got the “teardrop” thing going where she goes “And the sun will never shine in apart (insert teardrop here) ment number nine.” Kinda hard to explain.

I’m certainly not claiming the range that Tammy had in her heyday. No sireee. I just didn’t know I could add Tammy to my voice collection. Don’t take much to excite me.

Rest Time

After a week off of work, one would think I would’ve dreaded coming back today. It’s quite the opposite. I was quite relieved and approaching minor excitement. There really wasn’t a whole lot of rest during the whole week, with the visiting relatives, Girlie Doc stuff and more than anything, diffusing arguments between my Trio of younguns. I think my daughter only called Mr. Smiff to “tell on” me a time or two. I did enjoy not having to be anywhere by 7 or 7:30 every morning and I did get a little bit of pool time, which I enjoyed, although I could’ve stood at least one pool trip by myself.

I had to come back here so I could get some peace and quiet. The majority of my office people are at a convention and today, it’s me and one other girl.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my kids will all be grown and gone before I will experience anything resembling pampering or real enjoyment.

A New Word

I went to the “Very Important” Business Meeting at the church house last night. Very Important, because the Church has to figure out what to do now that the pastor of almost 18 years left. The Good Pastor had suggested they form a “Transition Team” upon his departure so stuff like sick people care, bereavement, and other stuff that happens to the church body would be taken care of. He suggested some people to be on that little committee, the deacons voted on it and approved it.

All this meeting, motioning and other crap that goes with “Official Church Bidness” should’ve taken 15 minutes tops. It didn’t.

There were a few of the 120 or so people who attended (and were all about 95 years old) who didn’t understand the wording on the piece of paper everybody got. I must confess, I didn’t understand it all either, but, I understood enough to know that these few were really more interested in bitching and griping about the fact that they weren’t one of the ones to decide who this “Transition Team” would be. The one old guy was all up in the air cause he’d never seen nothing like a “Transition Team” before and didn’t think it was necessary, furthermore, the Preacher is gone and why should he have the say so in who was on said Team.

This went on…and on…..and on….and ultimately there was a vote to either “bifurcate” or “not to bifurcate” on the matter. There were 67 of us opposed to The Big Bifurcate and 66 for it. I wanted to recommend a vote to tell Grandpa to sit down and shut up sos I could go home.

I love words. I love new, fancy words like “bifurcate.” I’m sure plenty of people know what that word means, but, until last night, I did not. I even looked it up on Webster’s online dictionary.

Main Entry: bi·fur·cate Pronunciation: ‘bI-(“)f&r-“kAt, bI-‘f&r-Function: verbInflected Form(s): -cat·ed; -cat·ingEtymology: Medieval Latin bifurcatus, past participle of bifurcare, from Latin bifurcus two-pronged, from bi- + furca forktransitive verb : to cause to divide into two branches or partsintransitive verb : to divide into two branches or parts

Now that I know it, I’m going to use it every chance I get and impress everyone I come in contact with.