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It’s Like….Um….You Know

Bee-zar…I was thinking of doing a blog post, asking the blogosphere their opinion on how to let somebody know that they REALLY need some public speaking instruction because they always say “Um” every other word every time they speak. I’m talking seconds after I had that thought, I came upon this post. I’m thinking it’s a sign from Above that I should somehow take action because it drives me NUTS.

This is somebody at my church, who is on staff, is 30ish, and has been in this position a long time and often is called upon to speak in front of the congregation for various things…quite often. They’ve been doing this long enough to not get all giggly and say “Um” and “You know” like they do. This person is a good person, a hard worker and very dedicated to their ministry. (This is twice this week I’ve talked about a “This Person”).

Maybe it’s being the kid of a broadcaster and being a little more nitpicky about people speaking in public or maybe I’m just one of those crotchety people just looking for something to complain about. Every single time this person speaks, as we’re leaving the church, I lecture to my daughter (poor thing) how they really need to get somebody to work with This Person on their public speaking cause it’s driving me (and probably others) batty listening to the “Um Parade” every week.

Maybe I could anonymously send them Mother Tongue Annoyances’ link and look at it as my ministry. Am I totally a snob thinking somebody in that position should know better??

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday today to #2 Smiff Boy!

I can hardly look at that first picture of the newborn #2 and not hurt. Look at the size of that head, would ya? Nearly 10 lbs of baby, no medicine, some brief, sorta scary complications but he’s more than made up for the trauma from that day.

I wish everybody had the opportunity to meet this kid. Yeah, he’s mine and all that, but, he’s such a hoot to have around, the Grascals have nicknamed him “A.K.” for “Ass Kick” cause he does. He’s a wonderful little boy and I feel pretty blessed that, as big of a surprise as he was, that the Good Lord saw fit to send him to the Smiff House.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy.