I’m beginning to think the fine folks at XM Radio and Sirius are onto me. Without giving my secrets away, I listen to them faithfully at work and enjoy every minute of it. Alas, I wasn unable to listen today. I was quite sad about that. I was forced to listen to Real Radio (as in a real radio with knobs and arythan. Just like real people do) Posted by Picasa I’m here to tell ya, people….radio is in a sad state. It’s ugly. It’s sad.

Being that I’m in a downtown Nashville building, it’s hard to get good signals. I’ve been forced to listen to Mix 92.9….aka Dentist Office Radio. I like me some Phil Collins, Lionel Richie (from his hit machine years), Sheryl Crow, etc. It just aint the same as satellite.

Mix 92.9 has weather girl Nancy Van Camp from WSMV give the weather every little bit. I think Miz Nancy is THE Whitest Girl in Nashville. I mean, she is the most perfectly articulated, whitey white gal around. She reminds me of Sue Ann Nivens, the “Happy Homemaker” of WJM TV in Minneapolis. (For those born after 1975, WJM is a fictional tv station). Maybe its the dimples.

Wonder if Nancy is like Sue Ann and has the hots for say…Dan Miller or Rudy Kalis?? Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to know the Newsroom Dirt?!?!?!? I wish my friend Betty still worked at Channel 4. Maybe Lindsay knows some good stuff!