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The Man In The White Hat

Maybe I’m just a Country Music snob. Perhaps I’m a little hoity toity in my know-it-all-ness (or what I perceive to be know it all-ish) but I’m somewhat disturbed when someone walks into my office, sees the below picture and asks who the man in the hat is.

Do YOU know who the man in the hat is?

The guy with the huge microphone is The Biffer, aka my dad. 1948, Houston, Texas. He bought that shirt for Hank and it used to hang in that museum over on Music Row where the Tin Roof is now.
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Funny #2 Quote of the Week

#2 never ceases to crack everybody up. He’s funny and I don’t know if he tries to be or just is.

The In Law Smiff’s from North Carolina were in for the weekend. Mr. Smiff arranged for his dad, stepmother and their friends to do the Opry Friday night (The Grascals played there, too).

Now, my mother and father in law have not been man and wife since about 1968. I still can’t picture them as a couple, but, apparently they were. I imagine it’s even weirder for all the kids to put it together, or it was when they were younger. It’s kinda confusing having that many sets of grandparents, especially when the North Carolina set aren’t really around and in their lives much.

I do believe #2 has a pretty good idea of who is who, who is married to who (whom?) now that he’s a man of 8.

After Mr. Smiff took #2 out to Music Valley Dr. to visit with Grandpa Smiff a little Friday afternoon, he brought him back to Hazel’s house. (I was at Vanderbilt). Grandma Hazel said to #2 in a grandmotherly voice “Who did you go and see?”

#2 answered, very pointedly and plainly- “Your old husband.” Posted by Picasa