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Phrase of the Day

At the hair place today, I heard this phrase and think I will add it to my pocket o’ sayins…..

“You are a black hole of need.” Said by one hair stylist to another.

Day Maker

Nothing quite makes your day like having an almost 13 year old girl call you at work and chide you because you “almost” threw her green pillow away. No “almost” about it. It was in the floor and looked like trash to me.

It is a hopeless task for me to attempt to clean out crap in the house because somebody ALWAYS finds something in the trash and they say “Why did you throw this away?” Never fails. I give up.

Fine. Just don’t be embarrassed when I put us on that show “How Clean Is Your House” and those two British women show up wanting to have YOUR room on national television. Heh. All the kids at the Middle School should be very interested in that.

Some Say Loooooove….

I love me some Conway Twitty. That ol’ boy could flat sing a song. The wimmins would go nuts when he’d point that finger and sing about how he could tell they’d never been that far before..bum bum bum. My favorite Conway song was one he did with Loretty, “After The Fire Is Gone”…I love “This Time I’ve Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me”, “I May Never Get To Heaven”, “I Don’t Know A Thing About Love”…oh boy…Conway was such a good singer, I can overlook the ugly, velour suits he was so fond of. Conway had a knack for picking great songs, rightfully earning him the nickname “The Best Friend A Song Ever Had.”

There’s a point of contention betwixt me and the late Mista Twitty though and I just always wonder what in the world made him record “Slow Hand” and “The Rose?” Obviously, those two songs did ok by him and they were hits for him, but, for the sake of art….Conway….what were you thinking??

Everytime I hear him do “The Rose” (like I just did on Sirius) it absolutely cracks me up. “And the sooooooooooooooooooooo-(insert growl here) ooooooooooul afraid of dyyyyyyy(growl)innnnng….” oh lordy me, Conway, you are killing me. Maybe he had an allergy to the velour.

I always loved “The Rose” when I was a kid. It had a nice little melody. The lyrics, heh….not so prolific. Rose is also my middle name. It was my song. My sister’s friend Andrea sang it in the talent show at Northside Jr. High when they were in like, 8th grade and she held a rose while she sang it. Man….that was living the dream, as far as I was concerned.

Someday, I must go do karaoke, if for nothing else, for “The Rose.” I might do sign language, ala “Happy Hands” when I do. I’ll let you know when that is going to occur.