It is going to be one hellatiously, Hee Haw kind of weekend. The nice people at CMT are going to be showering us with old episodes of Hee Haw Saturday night.

It appears that most of the episodes are from the 80’s, although there are some from the 70’s. I want to see some Junior Samples, Culhanes and Hagers. (Something about the Hager with the tambourine singing “Here I am, stuck in Lodi again”) I want to see Grandpa Jones tell us whats for supper, Roy Clark as “Claude Strawberry” reading some poetry, Buck and Roy pickin’ and grinnin’ and see Roni Stoneman beat Gordie Tapp over the head with a rolling pin. What a show.

I hope that our pal Chez Bez and his mom get a chance to watch so they can get a peek at his step-dad, the legendary Bobby Thompson, back when he was in his prime, when he was THE Banjo Cat. Some of y’all are laughing at the thought of those words being used in the same sentence. You don’t usually think “banjos? Cool cats?” Heh. Do some research on Bobby. ‘Cause he was sho nuff the coolest cat to ever do a three-finger roll. Posted by Picasa