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Live Bloggin’ From The Kornfield

What a treat it’s been to indulge in one of my favorite guilty pleasures, watching multiple episodes of Hee Haw on CMT today. A few thoughts for you….

Misty Rowe and Lisa Todd are still a mystery to me (and still irritating). Other than the obvious boobage, did the menfolk really find these two babealicious?

Maybe I did miss out on a great thing not getting to know Buddy Alan a little better when I had the chance.

Were there ever as many toupees in one place as the Kornfield? Maybe on the set of a Bill Gaither Homecoming video taping, but, that’s about the only place I can think of that would rival the Big Hee. That fiddle player, Tommy Williams’ wig oughta go in some sort of Rug Hall of Fame, along with Hank Snow’s and Jack Greene’s.

Knowing Lulu Roman was once a go-go dancer (for Jack Ruby, no less) is simply more disturbing than I can express here.

Beauregard (real name Buford)the Dog was the nastiest dog I have ever been face to face with. I had an encounter with this hound in the backyard of his owner, Joe Hostettler, who worked on the show. That was THE most slobbering, stinkingest dog. His stinkiness is what got him fired. That is no joke. (Dog lovers, simma down. I love dogs too, but, even Aunt B would deem this dog nasty)

How unbelievably wonderful it was to see the late Ben Smathers and his Smoky Mountain Cloggers doing their thing. That one brought back memories. Daughter/dancer Candy now travels with Gretchen Wilson and does her hair and makeup.

Just what was that blue and yellow liquid in the bottles in Archie’s Barber Shop and notice didn’t nobody leave there with a haircut?

As time went on, The Hager Twins attempted to have separate identities. They had different lengths of their Toni Tennille haircuts circa 1980 and grew mustaches. You can tell the Hagers apart because Jim’s head is slightly smaller than Jon’s. I do love me some Hagers, now.

Barbi Benton’s singing along with the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet was intriguing to me. Reckon she learned “There Is Power In The Blood” at those All Night Gospel Singin’s at the Playboy Mansion with Hef?

The Kornfield was not the same after the deaths of Junior Samples and Archie Campbell. Pfft You Were Gone just didn’t have the same comic effect with Celebrity Spitters like Reba McEntire. I must say though, John Anderson tenoring Buck on the chorus was probably, vocally, the best “Where oh where are you tonight” that ever was. It was also not the same after Buck left. Incidentally, Larry the Cable Guy owes some props to Junior. **Later, I did see George, Tammy and Archie to a three part trio on “Where Oh Where” and it was pretty doggone good, too.**

Animated pigs dancing while Roy Clark sings is just plain funny. I don’t care who you are.

George Jones wearing a two-tone, denim, leisure suit, accented by a huge, white, turtleneck, is quite a sight. I imagine that was Tammy’s doin’s. On this one particular episode, I’m figuring it was about the time of the famous “Lawnmower Incident” because you don’t see George without Tammy. She was probably afraid George would slip out and go chasing women with Archie Campbell. And Tammy Wynette’s hair during this era…could best be described as a “Hairdo With A Hard-On.” Tammy looked exhausted around 1974 and with good reason.

Who knew “May The Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose” done as a chorale by the whole Hee Haw Gang could be so fraught with mirth and merriment?

Laverne Nagger, aka Roni Stoneman, is one of the funniest characters ever on tv, however, she always seemed to have a sinus issue, as she was constantly picking at her nose.

Somebody explain the Hee Haw Honeys, lying in the background on the porch, rubbing their legs together with Junior and Grandpa Jones lying down on the floor,in the foreground, sipping moonshine. They always looked very sleepy. Why is this? What is the implication here?

One episode, about 1979, featured the Palmetto Square Dancers, and one of the dancers was a pudgy, teenaged boy, grinning like crazy and it was probably because his white pants were deeply embedded in his ass-crack.

I do kid and poke fun at Hee Haw, but, do not mistake how I love this show. No, it did nothing to make Nashville look uptown, but, it’s a classic.



“Biff Collie Interview – Live” – Elvis Presley: “This afternoon, #1 Son and I decided that we’d get on the stick and get the kitchen cleaned up. We’ve had an afternoon of bonding through clutter and music. #1 has been enlightening me with stuff he likes…The Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Disturbed, Blink 182 and I’ve introduced him to music from the Olden Days like Violent Femmes, ZZTop, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and then there’s stuff we both love….Stevie Wonder (how many 14 year olds even know who he is?) Ray Charles, Johnny Cash and Elvis.

#1 and me normally don’t have much opportunity to bond (the fact that he’s 14 should explain that right away) but I have thoroughly enjoyed my firstborn this afternoon. I’m quite proud of the fact that he knows good music when he hears it and I do dig some of his musical heroes of today (cept the angry, hollering ones).

We’ve took turns looking on Rhaposdy for stuff we want to listen to and #1 says ‘Look for some Elvis.’ The first cd that came up on Elvis is one that features the first ever, known live recording of the King.

Imagine my surprise and sheer delight to see the first track is an interview done with my Dad about this event. I’ve always known Dad had a tiny part of the King’s rise to fame and I’m sure I heard him tell it, but, obviously, didn’t pay a lot of attention. So one, to hear the historical background was pretty cool.

Two…and even more so, to hear my dad’s voice and his look-alike grandson’s expression to hear his grandfather’s voice for the first time (telling something as cool as this) was a neat little present. (“So, you mean Grandpa was THERE?”)It’s like it hasn’t been a week since I heard him talk.

***I think the deal is, if you have Rhapsody you can hear the clip. I also have turned #1 onto Def Leppard….He has found out the intro to “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” came from “Rock Of Ages.” I think he thought the “oonta gleetun gloutin globin” was exclusive to those born after 1990. Heh. This is fun.

I Gotta Be Me I couldn’t sleep night before last a…

I Gotta Be Me

I couldn’t sleep night before last and got to watching Jimmy Kimmel. Robin Williams usually cracks me up, but, he REALLY did on this because he did a Sammy Davis impersonation. I’m a sucker for any Sammy imitation. Maybe it’s cause it was late and I was slap happy, but this had me screaming laughing. Robin’s imitation isn’t as good as Billy Crystal’s or Tommy Davidson’s, but, it’s not bad.

There’s a part 2 of this interview too that was funny, but, I’m not posting it. Go look at it if you want.

More Sadness in Hendersonville

Hendersonville has had too many losses of kids this spring and summer. Another one happened yesterday morning near Beech High School. I don’t have any relationship with this family, however, I do work at the same place his dad works and see him on a daily basis and I see he and his family out and about all the time. Matt tells more about Nathan here.

My daughter was with her friends yesterday. Her dad had ok’d her to go with them, but, didn’t have the complete wheres and whats of what they were doing. She didn’t understand why I called her and wanted to know specifics. Someday she will.


A little bird gave a heads up on this last weekend.