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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

Went to eat at Cracker Barrel tonight and not only are they all decked out and ready for Halloween, but, they have all their Christmas section all fixed up. It’s not even August yet.

I love Christmas and all that goes with it but, for the love….I’ve got to get through Back to School and all that expense before I can think about what Santy Claus is bringing!

Not One To Go ‘Round Spreading Rumors

I just can’t get enough of this Ginghampalooza that is Hee Haw. I mean, what other show has an instrumental, featuring Roy Clark of course, with a steel guitar AND a tuba??? Huh? HUH?

Charlie McCoy…the little harmonica player. Great musician. Apparently, not a great husband. I know his former wife, the mother of his children. They divorced many years ago and one time, I asked her if Charlie remarried …her answer? “Oh yeah. He’s been remarried a long time. Might as well have….he’d only been DATING her for 10 years!”

Say what you want about Hank Williams, Jr. I bet he’s the only guest that ever did an armpit fart on “Pfft You Were Gone.”

Surprise..Roni Stoneman did not get better looking with age. She did, however, get that cocked eye fixed, thanks to one June Carter Cash. Pretty sweet of her…didn’t help, sadly.

Besides starting that backwards overalls fashion craze, Buck Owens appeared on my most favorite game show?

With a war going on, what the world needs now is more eefin’ and eyefin’.

Those people on Hee Haw shore nuff had them a good gig. They’d come to town twice a year, tape for a couple weeks and it made them all pretty wealthy folks.