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From The Mailbag

I was most pleased over the weekend to get my love note from my friends at Hendersonville Hosptial telling me my recent mammogram showed that my mammaries were in tip top shape. I knew they were, but, it’s nice to know that part of myself is healthy. I’m glad I didn’t chicken out and not go through with it. Proactive with ones health is a good thing.

So now, I’ll get on my soapbox and remind everybody that they should get theirs done, too. If Sista Smiff (the biggest baby in town) can be a big girl and get it done, so can you. You know who you are.

Here We Go Again

My daughter’s best friend was taken back to the hospital last night. Her blood pressure went up again (150/126) and she was having trouble seeing like she did before. . The Daughter was over at her house when she started feeling bad. She asked her if it felt like she was going to have a seizure and she said “Kinda.” I told her that was the best thing that could be done and that she was in good hands, but, she (and we) are still pretty jumpy about it.

The final determination is that she had/has a strep infection in her kidney. I’m thinking maybe they haven’t nipped the infection yet and tried to explain to my daughter that just like strep can relapse when you have a regular Strep Throat thing or other infection and this is probably what’s happening.

I’m not a medical person and I certainly don’t know. I don’t want my girl worrying needlessly, but, I have to admit, I’m concerned about Shelbi and a little fearful that something else may be going on. I’m telling myself the infection is just being stubborn. The last I heard anything was a voicemail late last night from Shelbi’s mom saying they were going to the ER.

As Busy Mom says, if you pray or whatever your thing is, throw some prayers/thoughts Upward for Shelbi.

***Update They did a CAT Scan and some other tests last night and sent her home. Everything’s looking ok. I was talking to a lady here whose niece had this same thing a few years ago and she said she ended up being ok, just took awhile for her kidneys to work right again. Scary stuff that you can get an infection in your innards like that.