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80’s Fun

The 80’s Channel on Sirius has the surviving MTV VJ’s on today, reminiscing and replaying the first hours of MTV. If you aren’t a subscriber to Sirius, you can get a free, three day pass.

I used to think Nina Blackwood had the COOLEST voice ever. She reminded me of Patty Murray, who was on KDF. Nina sounds a little like Lucille Ball now. Like she’s had one too many cigarettes.


25 Years?

This makes me feel old. MTV is 25 years old today. Yikes! When I think early MTV videos, I think The Cars, John Cougar (before Mellencamp), The Go Go’s, Pat Benatar, Duran Duran, The Police…ah, I could go on.

Interesting how MTV has evolved through the years. My teens don’t really watch it at all. Maybe if they showed music they would.

Also 25 years ago this week was this.