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The Many Faces of Mr. Smiff

Producer J and some of her co-horts have this idear that Mr. Smiff doesn’t smile much. Now, it is true he is not a Guy Smiley onstage. He is responsible for keeping the band in time. If he drags, then the whole band will drag. The truth is, he smiles a lot onstage when he and Bobo get to doing their thing, which mostly consists of inside jokes that are nearly 20 years old.

Anyhow, J has some pictures up at her place where this psychological evauluation has commenced.

One thing Mr. Smiff DOES do onstage is chew gum and play bass at the same time. It seems to be bothersome to some out there. (A cousin of his and a cousin of mine seem to have issews with it). I think it’s part of his charm. Part of his Smiffyness.


And How Is Your Taste In Music?

Your Taste in Music:
Classic Rock: High Influence80’s Rock: Medium Influence80’s Alternative: Low Influence80’s R&B: Low Influence90’s Pop: Low Influence

This is fairly accurate. There was no boxes asking me how much I liked Lefty Frizzell, Dean Martin, 60’s R & B, etc. though. Go see what your taste is.

Smiff Meets Schmitt

Odd to wake up early this morning and see Mr. Smiff on News 2 talking about Jake the Dog’s, um, flatulence habits with Brad Schmitt at their thing at ASCAP yesterday. (The one I didn’t get to go to and no, I’m not done bitching about that!) They got a nice little spot on Brad’s page with video.

I’ll get over Brad referring to what they do as “pickin’ and grinnin'” here in a bit. Gah.

Here’s the clip that has Mr. Smiff in it. They talk about Nicole Kidman first, but, then Mr. Smiff gets the punchline.