The Grascals new cd releases tomorrow so there is a lot of activity and publicity going on surrounding that. I’ve been writing about them a lot lately and probably will even more this week so y’all bear with me. I don’t get a paycheck from them or anything….

At 9 central this morning, you can hear them on WSM with Bill Cody. That’s 650 on your am dial if you are local or you can go here to hear it.

The Station Inn is tomorrow night and I’m told you better get there early if you want a seat. They usually fill the place up and being tomorrow is the release party/premiere, it may be even more crowded. When so many get into the Station they have to lock the doors for fire regulations so if you want to come, get there early and let me know if you’re coming so I can look for you. (That is, if I can get a seat).

The cd is getting some great reviews. Rich Kienzele gave it a whopping one and it’s on the “reviews” part of their webpage.