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This Day And Age?

Y’all know I don’t usually do political around here, however, I saw this article from the Caswell Messenger in Yanceyville,NC, and my jaw dropped.

I know this is the rural south, but, it is 2006. Unbelievable.

Steve Irwin

#2 woke me up early this morning wanting me to open the package of waffles. I tried to manuever the plastic in my half-sleeping state when #2 said “That Steve Irwin guy that wrestles crocodiles died.” I thought he was kidding until I switched the channel to Channel 4 and sho nuff. I don’t guess any of us are surprised he got hisself killed since he thrived on danger, but, I always figured a crocodile would get him, not a stingray.

All three of the Smiff Kids were sad to hear about ol’ Steve. Steve was this generation’s Marlin Perkins, kinda. They’ve been seeing him wrassle crocodiles all their lives.

#2’s announcement this morning reminded me of January 2, 1974. I was a little younger than #2 is now, but, this was the day Tex Ritter died, suddenly of a heart attack. Our local news was not near as sophisticated as it is now with breaking news and all they did was have a voice announce it. I didn’t really have a grasp of who Tex was at the time, but, I knew he was somebody my father knew. I went into the kitchen and told Mom and she thought I made it up.
Anybody who thrives on danger like Steve did asks to meet an early end, but, still…I always enjoyed watching him in action and listening to him talk.