My Aunt Joy is quite amazing. She is my dad’s oldest sister, the oldest of the 5 kids in his family. She is 86 years young, has had a couple strokes, yet gets on the computer and checks email everyday. My mother is 71 and refuses to touch a computer. Probably because she thinks its a lesbian or something. Probably part of why Joy is still going strong at her age is she has always stayed with the times, tried new things. She raised two fine kids, alone, worked…after she retired, she took guitar lessons! (Sidenote..her grandaughter, Julie Hanson, appeared on Broadway as “Christine” in Phantom)

She never missed a birthday of any of her family, including her many nieces and nephews. She even remembers her abundant number of great nieces and nephews. She used to send a card to all of us every year on our birthdays. She just emailed my daughter to wish her a happy birthday this week. Makes me cry that she takes the time to remember my girl.

Everybody needs an aunt like Joy.

And SHUT UP laughing at my top. It was 1987! This was my Loretta Lynn phase. In fact, I have this same top on in a picture with Loretty!