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Dancing With Bloggers?

I don’t care what anybody says, Tucker Carlson is cute. So what if he’s not a dancer? Isn’t that the whole idea behind Dancing With The Stars? The little guy from Saved By The Bell dances too good. He’s boring. I want to see the ones that can barely tap their foot in time get out there and cut a rug.

To me, the real star of Dancing With the Stars tonight was the appearance by this guy, who also made a rare appearance at the Blogger Meet Up last Saturday not once, but, twice. It kinda spruced up the Pheedo Guy’s presentation, I think.

I think a Dancing With Bloggers would make for some great television. We could pair Sarcastro with Busy Mom to do the Tango; John with Kay Brooks to do the Samba; CeeElCee with the Pheedo Guy to do the Waltz….Aunt B and Kleinheider would make a killer dance duo..the possibilities are just endless.

The Many Faces of John Amos

I’m not a big network tv watcher. I did want to see Dancing With The Stars last night, but, forgot until the very end. I missed most of the show because we had gotten to watching Dick Cavett’s wonderful interview with Mel Brooks on OnDemand (watch it…it’s fabulous).

I tuned into DWTS just in time to see Jerry Springer do his thing. Considering the man has never danced, I thought he did ok. What I saw of Sara Evan’s seemed a little blah.

So anyway, this new show called Men In Trees came on after Dancing With The Stars. It was ok. The raccoon that kept getting into Anne Heche’s room and eating her $9,000 wedding dress was a little far fetched, but, I guess it has potential.

John Amos was on this Men In Trees show, playing the local pilot. During a commercial, I did a quick channel check. I came upon the Jesus Channel (TBN) and there was a movie on. I stopped for a second because the little guy that used to be on Family Matters was on. Not that I’m a raging fan of that show, but, I was trying to figure out where I knew him from. They went to another scene and there was John Amos playing a preacher or something, giving a talk on how to become a Christian. When I left him on Men In Trees, he was sitting at a bar, drinking a beer and here he was witnessing! Maranatha!

How cool is this? I had to check TVLand to see if Good Times was on to see if I could find him on a third channel at the same time, flaring those famous nostrils of his, threatening JJ. Good Times was on, but, sadly, it was an episode done after James’ untimely death.