This is a family blog here and I suppose it’s not fittin’ for a Southern Baptist woman, such as myself, to be asking such a question in a public forum, but, I must.

These commercials they run for Viagra and it’s ED prevention bretheren….the one where the guy is watching the big game on tv and the Mrs. gets a little randy and heads towards the bedroom and he has to decide whether to continue watching football or using that groovy invention called the VCR and go for a shag.

Then, they cut to Dr. Richard Edwards (not his real name. Just a little joke from me. Heh. Get it? No extra charge for that one) the one where that doctor, with a straight face, goes over all the possible side effects of Viagra and then warns of possible injury and for the love of Ron Jeremy, get straight to the ER if you experience an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.

I didn’t know it was possible for something like that to go on for 4 hours. I mean…does that happen?

Frankly, I’m glad we’ve come around to discussing personal things about the menfolk in our advertising. We’ve had to endure those horrible, feminine hygiene product commercials forever. Ugh…all those horrnedous “Mom…do you sometimes not feel fresh?” commercials.