Now that I’m unemployed, I’ve reverted back to my true, nocturnal nature. I’m getting back in the habit of staying up late. Mr. Smiff and I are a good match that way. He keeps more Elvis hours than I do, being a musician, but, he and I both are into some staying up late. The decade I spent working regular people working hours, I could barely make it to 11 most night, but, now, it kinda reminds me of the days when our big kids were little, before they started school, before I started working and it was not unusual for us to stay up very late.

Last night, I pulled a late nighter. Mr. Smiff had a late night showcase for IBMA (late as in they played at midnight) and he got home about 1:30 or so. I went to bed with the intention of sleeping, however, I was sidetracked by a fantastic movie that I had never seen, but, had always wanted to see.

As I started watching The Last Picture Show, it appeared to me to be a story about Cybill Shepherd and Jeff Bridges characters wanting to get laid and that was it. If you’ve seen this fantastic movie, you know it’s about so much more than that.

The cast in this movie was unbelievable: Very young Cybill and Jeff, Timothy Bottoms, Ellyn Burstyn, Randy Quaid, and it’s no wonder Cloris Leachman and Ben Johnson won Oscars. I don’t know if it was cause it was the middle of the night, the black and white film, the amazing soundtrack with people like Hank, Sr., Hank Thompson, Eddie Fisher….the brilliant direction of Peter Bogdanovich and writing by Larry McMurtry..this movie is perhaps one of the best movies ever made.

It’s very rare I think about characters in a movie the day after, but, I’ve found myself thinking about the characters all day today. Unusual.

Rent it if you haven’t seen it.