Two Smiffs have write ups in this morning’s Tennessean: Beverly Keel, the brand new entertainment writer, tells about the Mother In Law’s upcoming tv gig.

Left of the Dial pointed out that Peter Cooper does a nice little write up on Mr. Smiff and them as well.

Today is a ridiculously busy day, trying to get ready for the IBMA awards tonight. Mr. Smiff was at the Opry House til late trying to do a soundcheck, but, there were some major sound issues and they have to go back this morning to do it. Steve Wariner is performing with them and I’m kinda excited about that. When I was about 15, I had the biggest crush on Steve. There was a time, I was certain I would be Mrs. Wariner, but, Caryn beat me to it. I loooove Steve Wariner.

All of the Smiffs are going so I’ve spent the last few days making sure everybody has awards show worthy clothes. #2 is wearing a miniature version of what his dad and the guys wear onstage. He is something of the mascot for the Grascals. #1 has actually agreed to wear something other than a t shirt with Black Sabbath or some other heavy metal act on it and the Daughter…I never could’ve worn a dress like she’s wearing at 13 when I was 13. When we shopped, we went round and round because she wanted to wear a dress much more sexy and I told her we had to have a compromise. It took a bit, but, we finally found something we agreed on. (Note to self: Leave #2 at home next time we shop for his sister. He finds the topless mannequins rather humorous and makes sure everyone sees them)

I will be live blogging for the Bluegrass Blog the sights and sounds of the whole thing so do check over there to see how I do.