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And Then It Was Goodbye

Incase you missed it, I’ve moved. I don’t want any of the regular readers to email me and say “where’d you go?” I’ve expressed my sentiments in a little poem. Ok, part of it is stolen. We used to write this on crap in elementary school.

Sista was here, but, now she’s gone
She left her name to carry on
Blogger’s been sometimes good and sometimes bad
So, she’s moving it on over to try TypePad

Y’all didn’t know I was a poet, did you? Another side of me I haven’t shown lately. A little rusty, perhaps. Maybe I’ll dust off the rhyming side at my new place. Change it in your favorites and do come see me.

Memories of Sara and Joey

I’m sorta into Dancing With The Stars.

I always seem to miss Sara Evans when she’s on.  It’s weird to see somebody on national television that has been inside your living room, especially a show this popular.  We knew Sara before she was famous.  I was going to administrate her fan club back in 1998, but, about to have a baby, decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to take that on.  My sister did it for several years.  Mr. Smiff knew Sara somehow…wrote songs with her and took a trip to New York and played for her when she was the chubby little girl from Missouri who had such a great voice.

I don’t think Mario Lopez has no business on this show.  Obviously, he has had a lot of training and I think he’s kinda too good.  Isn’t the idea of this for it to be celebrities that don’t have dance backgrounds?

Jerry Springer’s waltz to one of my absolute FAVORITE songs in the world, Tennessee Waltz, was really beautiful.  I hope Jerry wins the damn thing just for spite.

Joey Lawrence…what’s with the bald head?  He isn’t bald or receding.  You can see what appears to be a full hairline, unless he’s one of those guys that has a weird balding pattern. I’m also a little disturbed by his drawn on eyebrows.

I still think of Joey Lawrence like this.  Forget Blossom…this is the picture I have in my mind of him and my favorite one.

Something I Like About Type Pad #1

They have a built in site meter.  I think that’s quite cool.

Blogger Can Kiss My….

I’m going to see if the grass really IS greener. I’m going to go to the other side of the fence for a bit and see if I like better over there. If I don’t, then I’ll reluctantly move back to the Big B.

Moving On Up?

Because I’m fed up with Blogger, we might move the Whiff to a new home. Stay tuned.


I’m quite fed up with Blogger, so, it is a new day for a Whiff of Smiff.  Make yourself comfortable…get you a cup of coffee or a Diet Dr. Pepper.  Busy Mom said something about hosting a housewarming party for me, so, see her about food and stuff.

Bear with me while I get my links and stuff added. 

I’m going to call roll now, so let me know if you’re here….mmk?

We May Never Be The Same

The Teen Daughter is now the proud owner of a Pink Razr phone.

I got to looking at that thing and said “Dang…I want one of these.”