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Thing #2 I Dig About Type Pad

I love that I can put on here what I’m listening to at the moment. I mean, I know you all are dying to know, are you not?

Sadly, there’s no way I can put up my favorite Hager Twins albums on here.  The Hagers are hawt.Hagersmedquality You just don’t see hair like that anymore and that is the real tragedy.

Do We Need To Know Everything?

In watching the news the last couple days, there’s been lots of coverage about the horrific tragedy in Pennsylvania.  There are some similarities between that and the equally as horrific and tragic school shooting that happened in Colorado last week.  I’ve heard some people refer to that psycho in Pennsylvania as a "Copy Cat." 

What I wonder is…why in the hell do they keep giving such explicit details of what the guy in Pennsylvania did?  I mean, call me crazy, but, it seems to me that the chances are quite good that there is another psycho out there on the verge of snapping who might get some helpful tips on how to carry out his/her own trip over the edge. 

Maybe it’s the mother in me (one being a teenaged girl) that causes the cold chill to go over me when I hear all of these sickening details of what was done to these girls in both states. Think about those Amish girls who live in such an isolated, sheltered world with no television, computers…as innocent as can be.   

Maybe nothing would’ve been any different…maybe the whole "Copy Cat" theory is ridiculous.  Either way, I’m fed up with hearing about kids going to school, which they aren’t thrilled to do anyway, trying to do what they’re supposd to do and have to have that fear in them somewhere. 

I don’t know if either my high schooler or middle schooler ever fears anything like that happening at their schools.  If they do, they’ve never said anything about it to me.  I hope they don’t.

  I hope both of those sickos rot in hell for what they’ve done. 

Wednesday Lunch

Any day is a good day when you can lunch with Dr. Funkenswine.  I had taken Mr. Smiff a couple weeks back and he loved it.  He told his mother about it and she was quite anxious to sample.  So, we went and picked her up and headed out towards Berry Hill Way.

We got to dine with Sarcastro and CLC and I think it’s safe to say we were the loudest patrons in the place.  Mother In Law Smiff held court and gave her seal of approval to the food.  I betchya she’ll be back.

I didn’t know the Wonder Dawg was in the house.  I was so excited to see his driver’s license in person.  That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  You must see it.

Some photos were taken and I so wish I’d have had video blogging capabilities when Hazel took a peek inside the ladies room.  "Oh Lord", she said rather loudly.  "Oh Lord", she said again. 

Dang, I forgot to get my t-shirt.

I Know It’s Only October 4…

15734_1 I know we’ve been over how it’s too early to put Christmas on yet and all that, but, this morning, I’m listening to a Christmas cd I could listen to everyday of the year and that is A Skaggs Family Christmas.

It’s got Ricky and the Whites on it, but, the stars of the cd are their kids-Ricky and Sharon’s Molly and Luke and Cheryl’s Rachel. It’s also got Cheryl’s son in law, Andy Leftwich, fiddle, but, he wasn’t her son-in-law yet when they recorded this.

I’m a little biased towards these kids cause I’ve watched them grow up, but, if you like pretty singing at Christmas time, you best be getting this in your collection.  It is so fantastic.  I have no financial interest in it, neither.  I just know good singing when I hear it.  I could listen to them do Do You Hear What I Hear all day long and not get sick of it.

Y’all can thank me later for the suggestion.