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Barbra Cusses A Guy Out Onstage

Geez Barb…that’s like, so immature. Somebody get her her Lithium. She musta left it at home.

You can’t even go hear her sing songs from Funny Girl without it being political.  That sucks.

Deep Thoughts on Television

I’ve not had internet the livelong day, so, because I could, I watched tv today. 

Today, I’m watching Channel 4 News at Midday. I made a heavy observation…  The new weather guy they have, Dan Thomas…I think he graduated magna cum laude from the Ron Burgundy School of Being On The News.  Will_ferrell

While watching the news at noon on 4, I was remembering the last time I ran into Holly Lynch Thompson and it was at Wal Mart, the day AFTER I had seen her at the funeral home and I was pondering how odd that was. I was just all a’ponder about Channel 4 folks today.

I had to go to up to the Wal Marts today to get some groceries and I’m walking past the ginormous snow globe and look down the coffee aisle and there she is…Miz Thompson herself.  It was just weird cause she had the same thing on she had on the air at midday.  She had on this pretty, burgundy frock and these high heeled boots and I swear, those things make her look 8 feet tall.  She is so thin, I wanted to ask her if she ate normal sized meals!

Yeah, there was Holly in all her gorgeousness, smiling back at people who recognized her and there was your Sista…in her official Stay At Home Mom uniform (sweats, tshirt and generic Crocs) and she ain’t got nothing on me!

Thanks to OnDemand, our new favorite reality show is Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels.   They’re kinda like the Smiffs…except they’re unmarried, Jewish and have lots of money. Gene is sharp.

Oh, and in other deeply important ponderings….the Bachelor in Rome guy is a dead ringer for young Maurice Gibb.  (What do you think, Ginger?)BorgheseprinceMauricegibb150