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That’s Mr. Otis Campbell To You


I knew as soon as Mr. Smiff and Bobo rounded the corner from the gate, with their arms around each other, leaning a little, looking happy as two peas in a pod that they had not passed 15 odd  hours in the air catching up on a good book. 

Daddy’s Home

Mr. Smiff is back on American soil.  He called as soon as the plane stopped in Detroit and he sounded to me like he’s a’ready to get home.  We’re on our way out to pick him up.

#2 is home from school today, still not feeling so good from this Crud (Mom still feels like crap too and can’t breathe through the nose-welcome home, Dear).  He’s been working on his Halloween costume the last 24 hours, wearing his brother’s old Grim Reaper mask around the house pretty much constantly, complete with jack o’lantern bucket, practicing  trick or treat. 

He is so excited that Dad is almost home and can’t wait to go to the airport to get him.  Thing is, he’s a little pissed at me because I said he can’t wear the Jason mask to the airport.  I don’t think the Airport authority would be so pumped about it as he is, especially carrying his little sith-like weapon thingy.  Jason carrying a sith with a snotty nose.

Costume or no costume, everybody’s looking forward to Dad getting home.  He hasn’t been gone any longer than the average trip, but, there’s something about being on the other side of the world that makes it seem longer.   

Repent Now

#2 has been sorta semi-collecting baseball and football cards of late.  Lately, the football cards have taken precedent over the baseball ones.  I haven’t seen the baseball cards floating around lately.

I felt as though I were channeling Sarcastro  yesterday when out of the blue, I ordered #2 "You go find those baseball cards right now and see if there’s a Cory Lidle card.  That sucker might be worth something!"

I need to repent.