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The Knot Comes Untied

Somebody found their way to the Whiff by searching "Craig Schelske Pictures."   Sorry I don’t have no nekkid pictures of Mista Schelske. I have some inside tracks on some things and  I do aim to please, but, some things I can’t come through for ya on.

I continue to have mixed feelings about this whole D-I-V-O-R-C-E thing that is being shoved in our faces.  The local news in Nashville is turning into tabloid tv since all this started. Demetria gets all giddy when it’s time to remind us (again) that Craig likes porn.   I’d love to give Say-ra the privacy she wants, but, she doesn’t want any privacy.  I am praying I run into Brenner Van Meter, who is Sara’s manager, so I can say "Why Brenner?! Why are you letting her do this?"

Maybe I’m too cynical…maybe I’m heartless and mean. Either way, I think Sara Evans had them make her up to look battered tonight on Dancing With The Stars. Did you see the dark circles? I’m not saying I don’t believe that ol’ Craig had a penchant for inappropriate sexual activity and that he was a saint in all this.

I’m of the mind that excessive porn use is a bad thing and can certainly be destructive.  I just have a hard time believing Sara just discovered this particular interest of her husband’s last week, as she sat there on ABC television and told us tonight. 

I’m leaning more and more towards Sara seeing more dollar signs coming about by playing the victim.  Think about the book deals, magazine covers and other stuff that could come about because of this lovely scandal.  It could brighten her star even more, but, it’s also possible it could backfire on her, especially ten years from now when her 7 year old is 17 and will understand more than he does now.  I’m sure he and the girls will be somewhat puzzled by Mom  hanging Dad in public when it wasn’t even necessary.  I mean, publicly, who gives a rip about Craig Schelske?  I wonder how many times he’s been called "Craig Evans" or "Mr. Evans?"

I’ve been married almost 17 years.  I’ve experienced the euphoric high of being in love with Mr. Smiff and then (this is shocking I’m sure) I’ve had some days I wish I’d have never hung out at the Station Inn and Grand Ole Opry so much.  There’s always two sides and nobody can make a marriage work alone.  You can, but, it’s not a marriage you could call happy or contented.

I’m also intrigued by the Nanny’s demanding a public apology and hiring an attorney.

Come on, Craig.  Give us your side of the story.  We didn’t ask for all these details on your marriage, but, Sara was determined to let us in on your very personal stuff.  We’re interested now.  Some of us have no life and find this better than The Young and the Restless. Really…let’s hear the rebuttal.

Way To Go, Otto

Vince Gill has a new cd boxed set called These Days. There’s a cut on it called Out Of My Mind. It was written by Vince, Bill Anderson and a guy named Otto Kitsinger.  The first line is great.  It says "You’ve got legs like a longneck bottle." Heh.

Otto was a good friend of mine from way back. I first met him when I was working at the Hall of Fame and he would spend everyday in the library doing various research.  We would smoke ciggarettes at my break time and talk about old time country music. I thought it was cool that I knew somebody named "Otto." He became a good friend and after my dad died, somebody I could go to for fatherly advice backstage at the Grand Ole Opry and I often did. 

  Otto was very wise.  At one time, Otto was this bigshot, corporate attorney in Washington, D.C.  After having strokes and bypass surgery, he decided maybe it wasn’t worth it and gave it up to pursue his passion, country music.  He moved to Nashville and pursued journalistic and historian adventures.  I’m tickled to hear this song because Vince does a great job on it and Patty sings with him and it’s truly like Hillbilly Buttah.

Otto passed away in April of 1998.  I miss seeing him and think about him a lot.  Otto would be quite proud of this recording.  It sounds like something old that maybe George Jones and Melba Montgomery would’ve done. I wish he could’ve hung around to hear it.