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Tuesday Night Ramblings

Has Booger always been on Boston Legal or is this a guest appearance sorta thing?

My hair girl has up and left my salon.  I told her last time I was there, anticipating that she might perhaps jump ship, to call me if she went somewhere else.  She didn’t.  I do have her cell phone number.  Some will understand my feeling of abandonment.  She did my hair so good.  My hair’s not exactly "difficult" but it does have a mind of its own.  She understood it.  Whatever will I do?

If anybody in my family tells you that I had a bit of a nasty mood last night and threw fishsticks in the sink…don’t believe it.  It was only a figment of their imaginations.

Oh! Oh! OH!  I rarely have something fun to look forward to, but, I do now so I must tell:

Mr. Smiff and band will be appearing on the Broadway Meets Country benefit show this coming Monday night.  I’m pretty pumped about getting to go to that cause I do loves me some Broadway showtunes.  (I do a mean Lonely Goatherd  in the shower and around the house. I rock)  There will be country folks there and then people like Ben Vereen and, oh gosh…Peter Gallagher will be there. The country people will do Broadway tunes and the Broadway people will do country tunes.  I do wish my cousin Julie, the Broadway goddess, would be there.    Peter_1

The really cool thing is the night before, Sunday, there’s some kind of dinner for the performers and I’m praying to the sweet Lord Jesus above that the smashing Petah will be there.

Now, the big question is…what on earth will I wear to possibly be in the same room with Peter Gallagher and Chicken George?

A Public Service Announcement From Your Sis

Let’s talk about facial hair, shall we?

Facial hair and women is not a good combination, however, it is a reality.  I don’t understand why the good Lord felt that some women should have it, but, He did. 

I am a firm believer that there is no reason at all that any woman in the year 2006 should be walking around with a mustache or stuff growing on the chin or wherever.   There are a plethora of options out there to deal with those unwanted little boogers.  Where I used to work, there was this poor ol gal who had peach fuzz and never did a dang thing about it.  It was all I could do to not confront her directly and say "Let me tell you about wax."

I know all about wax.  I’ve been getting waxed for many, many years, both eyebrows and other places above my neck.  I’ve used lots of things in my never ending quest for being rid of unwanted facial hair.  I have endured my boys inquiries of "Mommy, are you growing a beard?"  and believe me, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a teenage boy point out unwanted facial hair.  It’s a blessing.  Them suckahs grow quick, too!

Anyway, the Never Ending Quest led me to purchase a product I had never tried before…Veet.  I’ve seen the commercials for the leg stuff and I was unaware that they made a face product.  "Oh goodie" I thought as I purchased this new hair removing wonder.  It’s a wax-like substance on a piece of tape.  I don’t think it’s actual wax but its sticky.

I used it the other day and ripped part of my face off.  I have scabs. I thought I was imagining things, but, on closer inspection, I was not dreaming.  I’m a vision.   No joke.  I can’t recommend usage of this product so to all my Overly Gifted With Testosterone Sistahs….Do NOT use Veet.

It does dawn on me now that next time some of y’all see me, you’re going to be looking a little closer…."She DOES have a beard! 


You never know what #2 is really paying attention to in life.  Sometimes, he’s so engrossed in his own thing, you just don’t know what he’s aware of.  I realized last night just how into the upcoming election he is. 

He’ll ask me, "Mom, who are you going to vote for…Bob Corker or Harold Ford, Jr.?"  The answer I give him, which is true, is "I really don’t know yet."  He’ll say "I think you should vote for Bob".  I haven’t discussed with him at length why he thinks I should vote for him, but, I have never made it a practice to discuss that sorta thing with 8 year olds.

He was eating last night and the tv played yet another Bob Corker commercial.  #2 looks up from the food (yes, bad parenting with the tv in the kitchen on.  Sue me) and says "SHUT UP, BOB CORKER!"  I told him I thought that’s who he wanted me to vote for and he said "I don’t care.  I’m sick of his commercials.  If I ever meet Bob Corker in person, I’m gonna tell him to ‘shut up."

Bob has him a new commercial out.  This time, he’s pushing his rather attractive daughters.  Thing is, the one girl is a dead ringer for her grandmother…complete with squeaky voice and chipmunk jowls.  Granny Corker just about made me not want to vote for him, solely cause she’s so damn irritating.  Daughter Muffy Corker affects me the same way.  Stop it, Bob.

I’m kinda with #2 on shutting Bob’s cork.