#2 did his television debut just smashingly.  I’m not sure exactly the date that this will air, but, it’s in a couple weeks.  I’ll be sure and let ya know. 

Funny thing…on the way, we had to stop at Wal Mart.  #2 and his sister began the mad dash to see who sits in the front seat. (Something else Busy Mom missed out on being an only child).  I thought I was going to fall out when #2 screamed "But, YOU aren’t the celebrity here!!!"  And he is?

Then, in the car, we’re riding along and #2 looks at me, serious as a heart attack and says "So, how much am I going to be getting paid for this?"  I asked him how much he thought he was worth and he said "Oh….a lot of money…I’d say about 20 bucks."  He actually got to keep the V-Tech video game thingy  he did the commercial for.  Not bad payment, if you ask me.

Mr. Smiff and some other Grascal types also guested on this episode.  I didn’t see any of their shenanigans, but, knowing those retards like I do, I suspect it was pretty funny.

Speaking of retards, Shane Caldwell is the producer of this fine show and I do think he is perhaps one of the funniest people that walks around the earth.  I don’t think the mother in law even was familiar with his show Cuts that used to be on Channel 4 many moons ago.  Boy, I sho was.  I always thought he should be on Saturday Nite Live.  He hasn’t done too bad for himself, working with people like Jeff Foxworthy and now he can add #2 Smiff to his resume. 

He got to telling stories and doing his Whisperin’ Bill Anderson imitation and I was wishing…well, you know….that I’d brought the Depends along with me. 

One of the guys in the crew…didn’t even catch his name, had on a sweatshirt that said "Lipscomb Bears" on it.  Well, that caught my normally deficited attention.  He has kids in my old elementary school.  Ain’t that precious?