One of the things I vowed to do while I was in between jobs, during this paid time off thing was to get the house in military order.

I had visions of Goodwill and Salvation Army donations dancing in my head…going through the old toys that are no longer played with, the clothes that have been outgrown being given away, old stuff that I either can’t fit into anymore or stuff that’s just plain ugly going out the door, cleaning baseboards, walls, corners, cobwebs being escorted out the door and the Casa de Smiff looking like a showplace. 

I’ve not worked since September 12 and I would love to sit here and tell you all how much I’ve accomplished on that front, but, if I did so, it would be a grand lie. I’ve gotten off to some good, running starts, but, have never completed any of my tasks, in true Sidetracker form. 

Some of y’all out there are neat freaks, born with a mind to organize and not have a thing out of place.  Others of us were not born that way and it’s a real challenge to get stuff accomplished.  I’ve even considered swiping one of #2’s Concerta pills, hoping it’ll focus me and get me moving, but, then I have the fear of "What if it makes my blood pressure go through the roof and I drop dead of a stroke?"

Not only would I be embarrassed that I died stealing one of my kids ADHD pills, but, I would be even more embarrassed for the paramedics to come inside and find me there.  I would be the laughing stock of the Muffia and all people would remember about me would be "That Sista Smiff sure couldn’t keep house, could she?"