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Ready For His Closeup


Some shots of #2’s on-camera debut. He was quite at home in front of the camera.  He hasn’t been too demanding thus far with his new status as a "celebrity."  He still plays with Transformers and watches Ed, Edd and Eddy. The show airs on November 19 on CMT.


Here’s #2 getting ready for his closeup with Trevor_grandma_shane_1Grandma and producer Shane Caldwell.      

Dad and some of the Grascals made an appearance on the show, too.  Here’s Mr. Smiff, Terry Eldredge, honorary Grascal for the moment, brother in law Smiff, aka Billy, Jamie Johnson and Dave Talbot.    Grascals_on_southern_fried_flicks_1 (I don’t know how to make the pictures bigger on here.  Click on them and you can see them real good)

The One About the Big Wienies

Turns out I didn’t go to the Broadway Meets Country Dinner.  Long story you don’t want to hear.  I’m bummed, but, I’ll get over it, plus, I can hopefully go see the show tomorrow night.  That is, if the planets line up and something works out in my favor.

To turn a little humor on,Big_wieners this is what happens when you put hot dogs on the stove to cook and then you leave the room after you cut the fire off, thinking you’ll come back in a minute, but, since you got your attention on something else, you forgot about the hot dogs and now they look like…..well…you be the judge.

Fall Family Fun Frenzy

With Mr. Smiff having a rare Saturday home, I decided that it was going to be "Smiff Fall Family Fun Frenzy"  I told my kids Friday evening that we were going to do something together, as a family and we were going to enjoy it, dammit!  Whether we wanted to or not we were going to engage in family bonding.

So, Mr. Smiff got back in off the road about 11 Saturday morning and we decided we’d skip the oh-so boring school carnival and go to one of those pumpkin patch/farm things.  So, we all piled into the Family Truckster and headed up New Shackle Island Rd. towards White House….destination Bottom View Farm in Portland.

I don’t know if the leaves in Sumner County are officially peaking or what, but, they are really beautiful now.  The views up to Portland were really quite breathtaking. 

Bottom View Farm is just off Portland Rd, bordering on Cottontown.  I don’t know how many acres these people have, but, it’s huge.  They have made a darling little town/village that has a jail, a saloon, a barbershop…really cute.   They have all sorts of farm animals; chickens, turkeys, rabbits, goats, cows, horses, llamas, donkeys (it smells grand up there!).  They even had some peacocks and ginnys.  They have this one goat that runs loose and he went after #2 and he screamed bloody murder. 

This was the first time in my life I have ever been in one of those hay mazes.  They have a cool playground and a slide fashioned out of some sort of piping and an Indian teepee.  (I will not call it "Native American…sue me)  We also got on a hay wagon that was fixed to look like a train and road all over the farm to the pumpkin patch where we got to pick out a little pumpkin.  They were all out of bigger pumpkins. 

Even our teens had a good time, but, neither will admit it.  I kept telling the kids to soak up the beautiful colors on the trees.  They rolled their eyes.  It was a perfect day to go out there.  After all the rain, the sky was as blue as I’ve ever seen it and everything just seemed shiny and sparkly.

We left Bottom View and headed back towards Gallatin.  We covered Sumner County pretty good yesterday and I have to say…we live in one of the most gorgeous counties in the state.  I didn’t realize it was so hilly up in the county like that.  We drove through some beautiful terrain.   We ended up eating at CiCi’s Pizza and #2 had it in his head he wanted to try pizza with anchovies.  Guess how that turned out?

#2 and I went and got a couple of bigger pumpkins to carve.  I paid $21 for TWO pumpkins.  I should’ve refused.  At Bottom View, when they don’t run out, they charge $3 for big pumpkins. Remind me next year not to do that.  That’s insane.

It was a great day.  It really was.  I wish we had more days like that to kick around with Dad. I think the words "shut up" were only uttered about half of what they usually are.  It was great.  I’ll put pictures up tomorrow.

Now,  the fashion maven I’m not, I have to go throw some sort of outfit to wear to this dinner at the Hall of Fame tonight for the Broadway thing.  No clue what I’m going to wear.  Maybe I can find a sweater and broach to wrap around my head.