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Some Advice This Halloween

A reminder…lots of bloggers are such big time dog people.  Keep chocolate way out of Poochie Poo’s reach, ya hear?  Take it from your Sista…if you don’t and Misses Pudelhund dips into the Kit Kats or Butterfingers, you will spend an ungodly amount of time at the Emergency Vet Clinic and more money than you care to spend. 

Our late little Chloe dog decided she needed her chocolate fix a couple days after Halloween 2003.  She must’ve eaten a bunch.  She puked here, there and everywhere and liked to have checked out then.  She spent the night at the Rivergate Pet Clinic after a nice, Charcoal Cocktail.  It was not pretty. 

Moral of the story…listen to your Auntie Sista.  Keep the chocolate treats away from the doggies.

Pumpkin Patch Pitchyas

As promised…here’s pictures from the First Annual Smiff Fall Family Fun Fest, By Gawd…You have to click on the pictures to see them good.  If somebody knows the Typepad secret to making pictures to where you can see them, let me know.

Two_old_goats Here in this photo, we have two, old goats. 

Trev_on_the_horsieThey had a tire swing in the shape of a horse.  Very cute.  #2 hates loud noises and he’s got his hands in his ears because the train/haywagon was coming by, with the whistle blowing.

#1 Son and the Attack of the Killer Gourds…He had a fit over the gourds in the pumpkin patch.   Tyler_and_the_killer_gourd

Trev_in_the_pumpkin_patchThe Pumpkin Patch was a little low on pumpkins, being it was the last weekend before Halloween, but, there were still plenty for us to pick over.

The Smiffs have their own version of Drama Llama.  Ask Kerry Woo. Look at the scenery in the background…isn’t it purty?        Drama_llama            

The driver of the hay wagon had a little helper along the way.Dog_on_the_tractor                

Tyler_in_the_maze    #1 Son made it through the Hay Maze before the rest of us and he laughed as  his mother tried to find her way through.

Hainted_house       The mini Hainted House was fun.

Dad_and_trev_on_the_wagonTara_in_the_guillotine               Tyler_terry_goats      Tara_and_pumpkins

Happy_halloween Happy Halloween!    (This was at the place I spent $21 on two pumpkins.  All the crap #2 is standing by is why the pumpkins were so expensive.  Remind me not to go back there next year.)

We Wish You A Merry Halloween and a Happy All Saints Day….

I had this weird urge to make pumpkin bread this morning.  I’m not into baking, but, it seemed appropriate on All Hallow’s Eve.  It’s good stuff and it makes the house smell like fall. I have an extra loaf if anybody wants it.

I got Halloween candy too.  I give out good stuff.  None of that cheapo crapola candy from Sista.  I give chocolate things because chocolate is important in life.  I have Reese’s Pieces, Nutrageous, this one bag had a bunch of different stuff in it like Butterfingers, Baby Ruth, Crunch, Whoppers, I got some Kissables…got a little bit of everything.

I was carving the Daughter’s pumpkin and my handy dandy saw broke.  I hope they have some more up at the Kroger cause I’m lost without my handy dandy saw.  I also got a piece of pumpkin or juice in my eye and it’s swelling up to look really lovely.  I could make that part of my costume, but, then I never dress up for Halloween. 

I’m still considering dressing like Little Edie, but, most in my neighborhood would have no idea who I was, plus, my daughter probably wouldn’t allow it.

I always think about my friend Kent on Halloween.  Kent was my first openly gay friend and he LOVED Halloween.  Every year when there would be a party, he’d dress up and not only would he dress up, he would become the character.  One year, he was Batman and he was totally in Batman character the whole night.  The next year, he was Robin and he became Robin the whole time.  Man, I miss him.