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You Better Be Sure And Listen Close The First Time…

Quilting20bee #2 started to perk up and I made it to The Coble residence for Bloggah Bunco and I’m soooo happy I was able to get there. 

We never did get around to playing a lick of Bunco though, no sireeee.  Lawdy no.  It reminded me a little bit of the little segment from Hee Haw where Minnie and the girls are sitting by the fireplace, quilting.  We didn’t quilt nothing, but, we sho’ nuff had us some laughs and some interesting conversations.  (Some of y’all may have felt your ears burning.)

Let’s see, who all was there….Everybody’s Favorite Aunt B, That Bad, Bad, Ivy, Sara Clark, Shauna from O Pish Posh, Malia, Kathy T. and her cute friend who was delightful, but, I’m a dumb ass and can’t remember her name, a new blogger friend, Mary, that Kat promises to link us up to. 

I learned a new phrase tonight, thanks to Aunt B…"penile experiences."  Heh.   That’s what happens when you put a bunch of women together.  I just wish we’d have had a video camera to blog it.  Course, some stuff would’ve had to have been edited out.  The new phrase of the day is "What happens at Coble’s stays at Cobles"…Donald Rumsfeld. 

We did discuss the need and desire to have a Christmas/Holiday/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa Blogger party and that we do need to have a Bunco night that we "allow" some boys to come.

Other observations:  Shauna has a great speaking voice; Ivy is the best cusser I know, dammit;  The Coble Casa is beautiful; Pumpkin Cheesecake is pretty good;



I was planning on making an appearance at Katherine’s Blogger Bunco tonight.  I say "appearance" because I’m not a gamer type, but, I was planning on running by and saying howdy.  Of course, because that’s something I would like to do, it will not happen.  #2 came home early from school puking and Mr. Smiff is playing the Opry tonight before heading out to Dunellon, Florida, tomorrow.  The story of my life.

I shouldn’t whine though because today, I had a lovely lunch time.  The Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss (from here on out, TGFKAMB and not the one who I just left the employ of) and my wonderful former co-worker and friend Miriam and I shared a lovely time at Goten.

I’ve really been fighting sadness and stuff the last week or so and any time spent with TGFKAMB is a good time.  Anybody who knows David (forget that long anacronym)  or has ever had a conversation with him knows that a few minutes of conversation with him, you’ll be encouraged.  I wish, I wish, I wish I could work for him again and who knows what the future holds?  I may end up getting the opportunity to again….

I was telling David and Miriam that this whole being deleted thing, most people will say "I wish I could be off for four months paid" but really…you can’t enjoy it totally.  In theory, it should be fun and there are parts of it I have enjoyed.  Some of the fun of it goes away though when you have no clue where you are going to be, what you’re going to be doing…fearful of going anytime without that paycheck…missing the daily interaction of people.  I think that’s the biggie for me is missing the people. 

I told them, too, how dammit, my feelings are hurt.  I’ve almost felt guilty for feeling that way or like I’m a wimp for not feeling stronger inside about the whole thing, but, David pointed out that it IS intensely personal to lose a job. So, there’s nothing wrong with me crying about it…like I did the other night.  I passed my old office to cross over to TPAC and dadgum, if I didn’t boo hoo like a little baby. I was sad..I cried…why do I feel like there’s something wrong with being sad?  It was the same way when my dad died.  I didn’t let myself cry or be sad because I didn’t want to burden anybody.  That’s so twisted, isn’t it?

I was glad I didn’t talk myself out of lunch with David and Miriam today.  I needed to hear that and felt a whole lot better about the future, my future when I left.  Thanks, man.

Oh, and Patrick….that’s perfectly fine you weaseled out on us. No, really.  😛

That’s A Novel Idea

I’ve always thought I have a novel, or two, in me somewhere, but, now that this Nanowrimo thing is happening, I have no idea what/when/where/how to start a novel.  Do you do like Ponyboy does at the beginning of The Outsiders…."when I stepped out into the bright sunlight…?"   

Or worse…do I have to do what Ollie North and Chuck Norris do and have somebody else actually write the thing and slap my  name on it?

I’ve always said I have a catalogue of characters, based on people I know…heck, my father’s side alone could make an interesting book. Honestly though, I think I’ll have to wait til I get that Ritalin perscription to attempt a novel, but, it’s a nice thought.  I can’t even read books anymore, because I read so fast, I skip ahead.  I’d be afraid a novel of mine would be missing chapters.