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Sweet Hour of Prayer

I have my regular blogs out in the blogosphere that I read everyday.  Some, I read numerous times a day.  It just depends.  I have my "Everyday Like Clockwork" reads.  There are others that a few times a week I check in.  Others that I’m familiar with the title and have maybe read a time or two and others that I’ve never read or even heard of.  There are so many fantastic blogs out there and I do spend quite a bit of time reading them, I still can’t read them all. 

I ran across one such blog that I don’t recall ever hearing of.  Probably haven’t read because they are in a different part of the state.  I read it because several bloggers who feed into Nashville Is Talking had mentioned GAC and Atomic Tumor out of Oak Ridge.  The young lady who is GAC is the wife of Atomic Tumor.  They have two, small boys and the wife played tennis last week.  GAC, who is 29 years old,  started getting sick with what appeared to be the flu, but, has turned into a raging, frightening infection.  She is so very sick.  Her husband has so lovingly given updates since the day she went into the hospital,  documenting this horrific journey so when she recovers, she’ll be able to see it and know what all went on while she was away. 

I’m pulling for them…praying for them and believing that God is still God and is still in the miracle business.  I hope you will also pray for this young woman and her family. Add her to the prayer lists and chains at your churches and places of business.   

Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer!
Thy wings shall my petition bear
To Him whose truth and faithfulness
Engage the waiting soul to bless.
And since He bids me seek His face,
Believe His Word and trust His grace,
I’ll cast on Him my every care,

And wait for thee, sweet hour of prayer

CMA Live Blogging

Ok boys and girls, your Sista is going to be liveblogging the CMA Awards on Monday night for your blogging and snarking pleasure.  It should be interesting trying to tear my teens away from My Space for a couple hours so I can report the status of Jennifer Nettles armpits, diss on Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney and important things like that.

I’ve been to the CMA Awards several times, although it has been since the 80’s.  I’m here to tell ya, you can see much more at home than there and now that it’s at the GEC, egads…yeah…it’ll be better to watch from home AND get my little comments on the goings on. 

Whose funner to listen attempt humor and snark about music people, Brad Schmitt or your Sista?  A Yankee Hebrew (I’m not being racist..he’s always reminding us that he’s a Yankee and he’s Jewish) who obviously knows zilch about twang or the child of an original CMA Board Member?? HUH? That’s a no brainer.