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Ho Hum

It’s not odd or unusual to walk inside the Mother In Law Smiff’s back door into her kitchen and see some fabulous flower arrangement on her table and see the card signed "Love, Garth" or "Love, Kenny".  You shoulda seen it when she had a heart attack back in ’97.  Her living room looked (and smelled) like a funeral home, there were so many flowers and most of the cards had names belonging to people whose names you’d know. 

I walked into her kitchen today and there was some sort of cute little, fru fru basket on her table with various and sundry items in it.  I didn’t even look to see who it was from, but, it was cute. 

Then, on the counter was a handwritten card that said "I hope you enjoy this….Vince".  He personally sent her a copy of his new cd. 

Just another day at the Smiff’s.

It Figures

I swanee to goodness, the one time I vote for a Democrat in a major race and get semi-into it…and he loses. 

I’m also bummed that Kinky didn’t win.  He sure got some talk going though.  My favorite Kinky line today was "You need to tell people when they’ve got a booger on their face."  He’d have been a great governor.  Having Jewford as Chief of Staff, or whatever his title would’ve been would’ve been fun, too.Kinkyfriedman4

Voting With The Smiffs

Today was a first. 

In 17 years of marriage, Mr. Smiff and I have never gone and voted together, at the same time.  He didn’t vote in a number of elections, for one thing and the other times, we just didn’t go at the same time. 

So we set out for our local voting precinct, Merrol Hyde Magnet School in Hendersonville.  There was quite a number of people voting.  I thought it would take a few minutes and we’d be out.  I picked the one line because it was shorter and I realized a few minutes into standing there WHY it was short.  It was the official Geriatric/Alzheimers/Grandma Moses Line.  This one couple, it took about 5 workers to "help" them vote. 

While we waited in line, and Mr. Smiff and I were saying things like "Who is that man?  I know him from somewhere..Who is that?"  Actually, it was me saying stuff like that.  Mr. Smiff was playing his usual game he plays on the road with Bobo.  The little old lady volunteer’s nametag was on and he’d holler "Sara!" trying to get her attention and then the guy behind him was just yacking away on his cellphone and he’d holler "Weeeellllll gooood."  Grown up, standing in line stuff like that. 

The other time in line was spent watching #2, in his Napolean Dynamite hoodie and cowboy boots, running around.  #2 did not have a pill today and he has this  certain way he runs around when he doesn’t have his pill.  It’s quite humorous. It looks like he doesn’t have any hands.  He was socializing with the younger set, running up and down the stairs, finding the water fountain in the darkened hallway…"Mom!  Who did you vote for?!"  I wish I had some of his energy.

I remarked that I don’t know that I’ve voted so much Democratic ever in my voting career.  I don’t normally vote for parties, but, for the people I like and it just so happened this time, my allegiance to Harold, I voted for him.  I DO feel a little bad about not voting for my former schoolmate, Bo Heyward.  If I’d have thought he could win, I just might’ve. 

Anyway, there, my civic duty is done and I got my sticker.