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I Have An Issue and Need A Tissue

One time, I was at this girl down  the street’s house…Lisa…and she showed me a map of Tennessee that had a town called "Sharon" on it.  I thought that was cool.  I still think it’s cool.  I still haven’t been there, but, I got closer the other day than I’ve ever been. 

I’m still pissed at CLC for so blatantly showing the world that your Sista needs to jump on that Kirstie Alley diet.  Thanks, man.  No, Sharon_going_to_sharonreally, thanks a heap.  Could you have posted a less flattering photo?  Oh no. I don’t think so.  At least this picture is not quite as tasteless and graphic as the other.  Yes, I have self image issues.  Shut up. ‘Preciate that, Cee.  Love ya-mean it.

  I think it’s confirmed here that  I fall under that ultra dangerous pear shape they talk about on all the morning shows every other day.    I think Kerry Woo was trying to tell me something as he snapped this and the other picture.  The pear shape also lends itself to low self esteem AND heart disease.  Great!

Go see the rest of Kerry’s pictures.  The ones of the silos and stuff are much more flattering than the ones of me.


Thank A Vet

I’m going to take a cue from my girl, Jag, and take a second to recognize my dear ones who are veterans. 

Cousin Ronnie (the father of the Broadway star) served in the From_the_halls_of_montezuma Marines during Viet Nam.  I asked him about Viet Nam once and then I felt bad for asking.  He shipped out of Los Angeles, where my parents lived at the time.  My mother has said more than once, how horrible it was taking Ron to ship out to Viet Nam with as she says "Boys getting killed left and right."  He said when he got back to LA, my dad came to meet him and they met in the street, hugged and cried for the longest time.  That makes me cry thinking about it because I can picture it.  Those two were pretty tight.

Cousin Brian…now, he served in the Navy during Viet Nam, but, like George Goble, he spent most of the time, I think it was in Oklahoma. I don’t know that it was in Oklahoma, but, it was all stateside.   It was dangerous, I tell you.  He says about the only water action he saw was taking the ferry from Kodiak to Anchorage. His daddy, my Uncle Charles spent World War II in the Navy in Collie_dudes Nebraska where the fighting was treacherous.  That has always cracked me up.  <<<That’s Brian, Ron and Wayne.

I only have one uncle left of all my parent’s siblings and he is a very proud vet. My Uncle Fred is 84 years old now (we call him "Nootsie").   He served in the Army during World War II and he did see some action in the European theater.   He still has shrapnel in his head and received the Purple Heart. Fred_a  I’ve never discussed his military stuff with him.  A lot of those guys that age don’t talk about it and since he is my mother’s brother and her side of the family tends to avoid serious stuff from the past, I let it lie.  That’s ok.  I’m very proud of him.  Considering the pain and suffering he’s dealt with this last decade, burying three of his four children, now his daughter in law is suffering with Lou Gehrig’s Disease…I think his experience in battle must’ve given him some extra strength.  I don’t know that I could deal with all he has. 

If there’s a vet in your family, let them know you appreciate them this weekend.

Who Let Jeff Spicoli In My House?

I’ve just been referred to as "Dude" by an 8 year old boy. Dude as in "What? There’s no sausage biscuits left?  Dude!"Jeff20spicoli2020chris20sm

I’ve already got a kid in the house wearing Vans.  I’m feeling more and more like Mr. Hand everyday.  If I start accusing my kids of being on dope, slap me.