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Surprise For The Old Fart

Brother In Law Smiff (Let’s just call him…BIL) was surprised.  He said he had no idea all this was going on.  He shore nuff worried us to death today, though.  He was trying soooo hard to get the entire family together for lunch.  It was pretty humorous.  He kept calling Mr. Smiff saying "Are you coming to meet us?" Then, Mr. Smiff nearly gave the thing away when on the first "Come meet us" call, he told him we couldn’t come right then because we were all getting ready.  "Getting ready for what?" said the BIL.  There, Mr. Smiff got in about 5 this morning and slept til about 11 and BIL just couldn’t understand all afternoon why none of us would cooperate with him.

In the middle of all this getting ready, me cooking stuff to take down there (No gooey butter cakes today, though), I came into the kitchen and #1 Son says, very nonchalantly, "Uh…I think Emily (cat) has a mouse in here."  That damn cat brought the mouse in from the garage and let it go.   

Now, I’ve discussed my out and out phobia about those of the meece persuasion.  It borders on schizophrenic.  I just calmly removed myself to the bedroom until Mr. Smiff could  do his manly, hunting thing and do away with it.  He was stressed enough with trying to keep his brother at bay, worn out from the road AND now a mouse (not to mention the schizo wife who freaks out at the mere mention of such vermin in the casa).  Heh.

We get down there and the projectior that was to put the Power Point presentation on the screen and the laptop was not communicating.  I made the choice that I was not going to worry about that cause I was tired of worrying about that thing.  I figured it would work out…and it did.  I got my tears from everybody, but, this picture here was the one everybody reacted to the most.  In_africa

This picture was made in Africa in 1987.  There, all the African guys have their suits on.  African guys the color of ink and there’s whiter than white BIL in his African dashiki-like frock.  It reminds me of that picture of John Lennon in the family picture with all of Yoko’s family in Japan and he’s the only white guy, smack dab in the middle of all the Japanese kinfolk. 

There were lots of interesting people there…Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Robbie McCoury, Ronnie Bowman (oh my gosh, that guy can sing his hiney off), the great Earl Scruggs and lots of other neat people….INCLUDING the famous Newscoma and Rodent Queen. I can’t believe I saw those girls TWICE this week.  Oh and everybody’s favorite doctor, Dr. Funkenswine was the official caterer for the event.  I had never seen Knuck wear regular clothes before.  He cleans up nicely.

One of the highlights in the jam was my 82 year old father in law, who is an old time fiddler, and plays a couple times a week at dances and stuff in North Carolina, played with Mr. Smiff and BIL.  All these years and I had never seen him play before and neither had my kids. The whole Smiff pickin’ and grinnin’ thing began with his hobby so he’s either the one to credit or blame.  Take your pick.

The other highlight was my #1 Son getting up on the microphone, roasting his uncle.  I think a monster has been created.  He has this really good, comedic timing.  Thing is, his daddy is a performer and all that, but, that voice and that command of the mic that he apparently has…he’s his grandfather’s grandson, for sure.  He’s pretty interested in broadcast journalism too.  I love that.

I’ll have pictures tomorrow, probably.  It was a good day.


Sunday Morning Inspiration

I love it when people post some of the wierd searches people do to find them.  I see some good ones, although not always quite as interesting as Aunt B. gets.

I just now saw one that made me laugh.  I don’t know if it’s kinky or what.  Y’all know I’m a little naive about some things, but, somebody out there is interested in learning more about Carrie Underwood’s armpits.  Isn’t that precious?  It must be fun to be famous.


There were 16 of us that celebrated 50 years for Willie P. last night and it was right nice.  He was so surprised that his dad showed up. I think he thinks that is the big surprise.  I fear he will soil himself about 4:00 today. 

Father In Law Smiff is 82 years old and lives in Reidsville, North Carolina. He’s had a couple of small strokes, so, travel is not the easiest thing on a guy that age, but, he was there and seemed happy to be.  #2 wanted to sit with him and it was kinda funny seeing those two eat Chicken Tenders. 

After we ate, I went over to Sister In Law Smiff’s sister’s hotel room to do a practice run on the Memory Stick on the laptop (yay it works!) and she and her girlfriend were about to go out to do Karaoke.  I wanted to go with them so bad, but, I couldn’t cause it was late and the kids and all that, but, I wanted to.  These two are apparently very serious about their karaoke up in Michigan.  I’ve never even done it and always wanted to.  When karaoke got big, I was busy changing diapers, thus, have never had the experience. Plus, the fact that Mr. Smiff makes his living doing something sorta like that, that’s always been the last thing he wants to do on a night off.  They told me if I found a place in Nashville that has karaoke on Sunday nights, we could possibly go tonight after the big shindig. 

This is where you come in.  Where in Nashville can you karaoke on Sunday nights?  Anybody?