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I Like Balls


I have to admit that seeing decorations adorning the shelves at Wal Mart, like these, kinda sorta get me all juiced up that Christmas is coming.  I know somebody’s gonna snicker about me saying how much I like colorful balls, but, I do.  I’m not a big fan of the perfectly color coordinated Christmas trees that go in a room where little kids aren’t allowed.  I like plain ol’ stuff like this. Christmas_in_november_2

Even stuff like this with the colorful sequined stuff….I just like. 

I wasn’t surprised to see all the shelves at Wal Mart lined with Christmas stuff…I’m accepting of the all the Christmas commercials running on the tv, but, I was not prepared to see this Christmas_trees when I was out and about in Hendersonville today.




Now that I’m armed with digital technology, the possibility of weirdness taken to another level is very possible.

I’ll begin the weirdness with my kitchen walls.  I don’t think they’re weird at all.  Dusty and in need of the Merry Maids…of course.  Dust and all, they’re a good reflection of me and Mr. Smiff.  Imgp0001 Oh, and I never claimed to be a wall decorating artist, either. 

I do love this little grouping…top left is a draw-ring of the Station Inn, where me and  Mr. Smiff first discovered each other.  Bottom left is a signed picture of The Carter Sisters and the Carter Brother, Johnny Cash.  To the right of that is a picture of the Grand Ole Opry cast, circa 1955. That picture there hung on my parents’ wall for many a year.   Above that is a montage of Mr. Smiff. 

Imgp0002The Slimming Sister had that Minnie Pearl poster framed for me one year on my birthday.  You can sorta see a hat on the wall next to it.  The Roy Rogers autographed picture is a treasure.  It’s signed to Mr. Smiff.  Roy didn’t do many autographs in his later years because of arthritis.  A friend of the Smiffs got this for him anyway on a visit to the museum. That’s one of those things we’d grab if the house caught fire.

Imgp0003 Country Weekly was nice enough to do a piece on the Grascals a year or so ago and somebody had it framed for us. The other is pretty self explanatory. One of Mr. Smiff’s most favorite things is the Andy Griffith Show.  Santy Claus brought him that last year.

I got a ton of other memorabilia and photos that just haven’t made it up  yet.  Someday. 

Smiffs on the Tube

Got to see the upcoming episode of Southern Fried Flicks yesterday.  This show airs this coming Sunday (11/19) at 8:00 Nashville time.  Mr. Smiff and some of his gang are on and they are pretty funny,  but, the best guest is #2.  I had to watch my kid over and over cause he’s so stinkin’ cute.  Set your TiVO’s or whatever and be sure and watch.  #2’s spot is later in the show (The movie this week is Pure Country.  The movie with George Strait.)

And speaking of guest appearances on Southern Fried Flicks, somebody you know and love is making a cameo on an episode to be taped tomorrow.  Guess who that is?

My Famous Blogger Friend

Back years ago, I met this feller named Wichita Rutherford.  This was back when Sista was young and cute as could be and so was Wichita. 

A Whiff of Smiff is the place for confessions so I can confess here and now, I had a crush on Wichita Rutherford.  He was precious.  I never got to date him, but, a group of us used to run and around and hang out.  Lordy, mercy, those were some fun days.  It wasn’t a long period of time, but, that whole bunch had some laughs.

If memory serves, Wich and Them were wilder than I was.  I’d usually leave before things got too wild.  Now, I wish I’d have stayed for the frivolity. I have pictures to prove all of this.

Wichita had him a perfect mullet in those days.   Wichita is just about the only person of that little group that I can tell you where he is. He’s done right good for himself. 

Wichita is now a famous blogger and podcaster.  He interviews bluegrass stars.  He’s such a good boy, he did a trackback to me.

If you don’t know Wichita personally, I can tell you he’s of the Shane Caldwell kind of funny.  He always has been.  Even way back long ago when he was a struggling artist, long before any of us knew what a podcast was,  living in that apartment on Fairfax Ave. Mr. Rutherford is a legend.