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Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving…

The Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake is done.  My mother decided she would make the Broccoli Cheese and Rice…"Yeah, I was going to make that too" I told her, to which she replied "But I already got the stuff for it."  Heh. Yeah, so did I.  Then she says tonight she doesn’t know if it will be "fit to eat" because of some reason or another.  Mine is always fit to eat and kicks Cracker Barrel’s straight in its butt.  I am also fixing a turkey simply for Sista Smiff use.  Last year, there were so many people at Hazel’s, there was not a bit left.  I must have leftovers.

Don’t call it "Turkey Day" to me.  I HATE it when newspeople use that term.  The weather people are especially fond of it and it drives me nuts.  Just stop it, right now.

We spent this lovely Thanksgiving Eve at my mother’s.  The Slimming Sister and her crew rolled in.  I’m seriously thinkinSandra_and_trev_1g of renaming the sister "Gastrica."  It just has a certain charm to it, dontchya think?

SoHannah_mimi_11  Gastrica and her bunch and all of us decided on Mexican since we’ll be jammed pack, stuffed full of turkey tomorrow (except for Gastrica, who, incase you’ve just joined us, recently had gastric bypass surgery. Has lost about 50 lbs thus far, the beeeetch). 

We cruised down the main drag of West Nashville (Charlotte Pike)to Las Palmas.  As you can see by the photos, fun was had by all…At_las_palmas

Stay tuned tomorrow because I will be live blogging Thanksgiving at Hazel’s.  Speaking Trev_payton_11 of which, I have a Green Bean Casserole to make.

Gosh Oh Gee, How Happy I’d Be…

All these years I’ve been hearing All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth, and yesterday, whilst listening to the great Nat King Cole sing it, I discover I’ve misheard a lyric.

"Gee, if I could only have my two front teeth, then I could WISH YOU Merry Christmas."

Did Alvin (of the Chipmunks) not always say, "Then I could whistle Merry Christmas?"  Guess not.  Damn chipmunk.

Kelly Vs. Clay

I kept wondering why I got so many hits yesterday from people looking up "Kelly Ripa Clay Akin (sic) Feud".  My meter went way up yesterday.  Since Google thinks I will know all the lowdown, I feel I am obliged throw my two cents in on the whole thing.

Regis is old and doesn’t work Fridays.  Every Friday, there is a guest host. This past Friday, Clay Aiken stepped in.  I saw the show. All this mess with Kelly saying how "disrespectful" Clay was is pure ka-ka. 

You know what Kelly’s problem with Clay is?  He was a fantastic co-host and funnier than her. He kept zinging Kelly left and right and she and her perfectly toned little arms didn’t like it, not one bit. When I was watching it, I was thinking that Clay needs his own show.  He’s a natural at that sort of thing.  He’s extremely quick witted and I thought he did a great job on there.  Kelly knows that and she doesn’t like it one bit. 

I do think Kelly is better on that show than Kathie Lee was.  Kathie Lee always seemed to try too hard, while Kelly is a bit more of a natural.  One thing those two have in common though is that they both need to yank that head out of they ass.

Listen To The Music In The Air

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…and I bet some of y’all have been thinking about getting a satellite radio system because that’s what all the hep cats have. 

If you are into music, satellite is the way to go. If you’re in the market to get a satellite thing this Christmas, you’d do yourself a flava on go over and see Producer J. She can hook you up with a better deal. Why?  Cause she works for them.  Before you to go Best Buy, Circuit City or other places that sell those systems, it would behoove you to go see Producer J. first. Now, go on.