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Wonderfully Awful Christmas Lights-Saturday

The Whiff of Smiff Tacky Tour continues.  These pictures are from Madison and Goodlettsville.  Me and Man Child (formerly #1 Son) had so much fun, we’re definitely going to head back to that part of town, for it is rich in its Griswoldness. 


I’m so loving this one simply for the lighted, American flag. It screams "We love Christmas AND America."  Now, somebody explain these inflatable things to me.  What is the allure of big, inflatable things?   They fall over with the slightest bit of wind and they are just plain tacky.  There are times, when used correctly, that they are somewhat cute. Most of the time, however, they are neither.

Imgp0180  This gem of a display really should have a sign a block down the street warning drivers to put on eye protection.  This is bright stuff right ‘chere.  I don’t know if you can see it, but, I especially loved the heart on the tree. When we spotted this house (and turned around to go back and capture it) Man Child applauded with glee.

I’m still learning this camera, so hopefully, the images will get better as we go along.  You don’t want to get caught by the homeowners and usually I’m laughing while I snap.  You get the jest.

Help Me If You Can, I’m Feeling Down

I’m in the living room today, thinking that since I love Christmas, and all the other Smiffs love Christmas (except the Mr. He’s quite indifferent about that and every other holiday), it might be a good idea to try to straighten up so we can get the Christmas stuff out.  Makes perfect sense since all three Smiff kids are asking when we can get Christmas stuff out.  I tell them repeatedly "There will be no Christmas until we get this living room cleaned up."

It’s just me and #1 Son at the Casa de Smiff today.  The D is at a friends and #2 is at his Grandma’s house, probably eating his 20th Jello Pudding of the day as we speak.  #1 is a smart boy.  I’ve said, enthusiastically and with much hope, "Hey Son…help me figure out what to do with all this crap and let’s get ready for Christmas."   This is the underwhelming reply I’ve gotten all day…Thanksgiving_2006_052

I even called Mr. Smiff, who is on the road in Myrtle Beach today.  "What should I do with all this shit in the coffee table?"  (We have a coffee table you can store stuff in)  As always, Mr. Smiff had deep, meaningful advice…"Well, I don’t know."

So, I’m coming to you, blogosphere.  Where would you start with a room that looks like this? Thanksgiving_2006_051 As you can see, there is a broom and a dustpan and there’s stuff on the loveseat that I took out of the table to go through and decide what to do with, but, yeah, that’s my living room at this very moment. I am trying, but, I get pissed off and walk away from it.  The teenaged boy on the couch is not a motivator, either.  Purty, ain’t it?  I can’t believe I’m showing  you the state the living/family room is in.  I have sunk to a new low. 

Y’all give me suggestions and I will put an after picture up when it’s done. I needs inspiration since nobody in the house seems to care so come on. 


Had my dad not died in 1992, he would today, turn 80 years old.  In a way, that’s such a weird thought…Dad at 80.  I kinda have an idea of what he’d be like at 80 because those last 6 months or so of his life, as the cancer took over his body. he had gotten much slower moving and much quieter. Biff_

I’ll never forget calling him in the hospital when he was so bad (I didn’t know how bad he was and there I was, oblivious, calling him, trying to keep his spirits up) but he answered the phone and I swear, he sounded exactly like his father.  It was scary.  Like he had channeled the ghost of Pop.  It rattled me. 

Anyway, thank goodness my main memories of him are not centered around how he was that last year.  God has been so good to make those memories harder to recollect.  I have to dig down deep to pull up the picture of him sick, in his final days. I’m glad about that.  Bless_your_pea_pickin__heart

See, my Dad was such a spitfire of energy and charisma.  There was no such thing as "strangers" and he could relate to just about anybody from any walk of life.  He had a wickedly Biffwonderful sense of humor and loved to tell and hear a good story.  Being a radio guy, he was pretty chatty and he did have the most lovely speaking voice. I love the fact that #1 Son inherited the deep voice. 

I always feel bad for people who tell of having fathers who were Lee_me_la_lone distant, uninterested, undemonstrative, not affectionate with them in any way, never told by their fathers that they were proud of them or that they loved them. Now that I’m older, I understand and see how Dad was pretty unusual for his generation of men who didn’t Disk_jockey_of_the_month show emotions or their true feelings.   To this day, my father is just about the only man I’ve ever known who would open show emotions when something touched him. I must admit though, at times it was embarrassing when he did that.  Interestingly enough, now at my ripe old age, everything chokes me up.  It’s not as obvious with me as it was him.   

He wasn’t a perfect father or man, but, he was very genuine and Baby_in_the_house sincere with everything he did.  Everything was either black or white with him.  He was pretty opinionated and as charming as he was, you did not want to anger him.  That was not pretty.  Whenever he gritted his teeth while addressing you over an issue, you knew he was serious.

This will sound weird and I hope nobody takes it in a weird way, but, I was telling Web of Webslog the other day (who lost his father 6 months ago and his family is now facing the dreaded first holiday season without him) that you grow in such a way when you lose a parent that you can’t grow without going through that.  It’s hard to explain, but, those who have lost a parent will know what I mean.Biff___his_girls

I’m sure if he were alive today to celebrate 80, we would’ve surely had a big party.  I’m going to imagine that scenario today in my mind.  I couldn’t help but think this last couple days how he would have enjoyed having all 5 of his grandchildren around him.  He only lived to see one grandchild and that was only for 6 weeks. Trev___biff I know he’d have gotten a large kick out of them, as they would have him.

One thing that time does do, in regards to losing a parent, for me Biff___rusty anyway, Dad has turned into a lovely memory.  The stinging pain of him not being here anymore is not what it was, although he’s missed everyday. Recollections of him today usually involve something funny he said or did or me looking in the mirror or hearing myself say something that could’ve come straight from the mouth of the Biffer.

   I feel very fortunate to have had him as a dad.  I could’ve stood to have him a few more years.  I would love to have a conversation Biff___hank with him now, at the age I am now.  We had good conversations then.  I’m sure he would be loaded with unsolicited parental advice and wisdom to impart (he was good at that).

Oh and this blogging thing…he would be eat up with it.  He’d be blogging if he were here, no doubt.  I like to Biff__barbara__terry___sharon imagine he reads this one everyday.