The Whiff of Smiff Tacky Tour continues.  These pictures are from Madison and Goodlettsville.  Me and Man Child (formerly #1 Son) had so much fun, we’re definitely going to head back to that part of town, for it is rich in its Griswoldness. 


I’m so loving this one simply for the lighted, American flag. It screams "We love Christmas AND America."  Now, somebody explain these inflatable things to me.  What is the allure of big, inflatable things?   They fall over with the slightest bit of wind and they are just plain tacky.  There are times, when used correctly, that they are somewhat cute. Most of the time, however, they are neither.

Imgp0180  This gem of a display really should have a sign a block down the street warning drivers to put on eye protection.  This is bright stuff right ‘chere.  I don’t know if you can see it, but, I especially loved the heart on the tree. When we spotted this house (and turned around to go back and capture it) Man Child applauded with glee.

I’m still learning this camera, so hopefully, the images will get better as we go along.  You don’t want to get caught by the homeowners and usually I’m laughing while I snap.  You get the jest.