The Living Room at the Casa de Smiff looks like a real room now.  I Charliebrownchristmastree forgot there was actually a floor in there. Amazing. I’ll do the After picture later.

#2 informs me this morning that he wishes for there to be a Christmas tree in place this afternoon when the bus deposits him back at the Casa.  "A Christmas tree…all decorated and lit up, huh?" said the Sista.  "Yes" the darling boy replied. I would actually much rather do it that way.  Get the tree put up today while the kids are at school and then it will be just like I like it. 

Like my mother before me, I am a bit anal about the tree.  I’ve had to relax the Christmas sphincter since my children were big enough to care about the tree, though.  They love to get it out, decorate, the whole bit, which is great.  I finally realized I can let them decorate the tree and I can always go behind them when they aren’t looking and fix it.

I came from the Bobbie Jean School of Christmas Tree Decorating.  Bobbie Jean Christmas Tree 101 plainly states that "Ornaments must be placed from the biggest on the bottom and work your way up."  It’s a rule.  That rule was ingrained in Gastrica and me from the time we were big enough to walk.  You were not allowed to help decorate the Collie Christmas tree unless you knew and understood that rule.  There were no discussions about Rule #1. It was the way of Yuletide life in growing up in our house. 

Because of Rule #1, I can fix a pretty Christmas tree.  I’ve said before, it’s not one of those color-coordinated trees and it contains ornaments that pre-date me.  Those old ornaments that are older than I aren’t rare antiques or nothing.  There are a few old timey Chrsitmas balls that have amazingly survived all of the Presidential administrations since at least President Johnson. 

This year, I really want a real tree.  I want to go to one of those places and cut one down, ala Griswolds.  Mr. Smiff has issews about real trees.  The liberal, tree hugger side of him feels it is wrong to cut down a tree just so we can sling our crap on it.  I say piss on that thought. Sista wants a real tree.  We don’t have carpet anymore to worry about needles becoming one with and even if we did, this is why the Good Lawd gave us vacumn cleaners.

I do love the ornaments and try to get a couple new ones every year.  Gastrica has already gifted us with a new ornament.  She was in a place on Charlotte the other day, and this ornament reminded Smitty_ornament her of her bass playing brother in law.  The resemblance is striking.