I’ve done it again.  I’ve deleted some cool pitchyers by accident.  These were gems, too.

We (me, Daughter and Mista) went and got the Christmas tree today.  I had documented the choosing of the tree; Melvin, the Tree Guy from Michigan,(I never knew these people came from all over the place to sell trees in Middle Tennessee, but, apparently, that’s the way they do it) sawing the bottom off, putting it through the little net thingy, putting it in the Smiff Mobile, us getting it home and the best picture of them all, Mr. Smiff HUGGING the tree…before it was lit. 

You’ll have to trust me, they were fun pictures.  Your Sista has to learn that when it says "Delete This Image" or "Delete ALL Images" that it’s best to choose the "this" option unless I’ve done uploaded them.

It’s a nice little tree.  It’s smaller than I thought it would be and I’m having a devil of a time getting the lights like I like em. There is a preponderance of yellow in the lights. Who knew they put so many dang yellow lights in Christmas lights?  My Christmas tree resembles the Northside Vikings school colors and it’s driving me nuts.   What do you think?  Do you see mucho yellow?  That’s all I can see.  Man Lemony_christmas_tree Child says all he sees is green.  I barely even see the green for the yellow.  It’s like a Lemony Christmas Tree.

So, instead of seeing the journey to the Griswold Smiff Family Christmas tree, I give you the Smiff Cats sitting under said tree.  They have names, but, I bet they think they’re names are "Get outta my way, You Stupid Cat."  That’s the normal, endearing names I call them. Imgp0275